Nov 21 2008

Dolphin air bubble rings: amazing

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If you haven’t seen this, you’ll be amazed, and moved, I think. And according to Snopes, this is true, not a special effect or something.  Our Father is indeed the Artist.

Dolphins Blow Bubble Air Rings

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Nov 21 2008

Obama may be making a good choice for National Security Adviser

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General James Jones leading choice for national security advisor

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN), Two sources close to the Obama transition team tell CNN retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones has emerged as President-elect’s leading choice to become national security adviser in the White House.

The sources said Jones has been given the impression by the President-elect that the job is his if he wants it. But the officials said there are still private discussions underway and no final decision has been made.

The discussions are focused on precisely how much power Jones will have in the staff job since he is used to being in a command role. Among his many posts, Jones served for several years as the operational commander for NATO.

If the rumors are true, and Jones is the pick, and he takes the job, it’s a better choice than we might have hoped for.. and sure to infuriate the far Left, who would prefer a card carrying pacifist in the role. One caveat: I hope that Obama listens carefully to him, if Jones is the guy.

One conservative pundit is encouraged.

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Nov 21 2008

I guess they closed their own borders and starved themselves

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Pravda is now claiming that the Ukrainians are distorting history regarding Stalin’s policy of starving the Ukraine in the 1930s.

Dmitry Medvedev sent a message to his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yushchenko in which he harshly criticized his approach to famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933. Medvedev also refused to participate in the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Holodomor. The Ukrainian administration believes that the Soviet Union deliberately provoked famine in the country to exterminate the Ukrainian nation.

This is maybe about 1/2 notch higher on the morality scale than denying the Holocaust.  I’m sure Russia is going to be really helpful in assisting President-elect Obama to achieve the transformation of US foreign policy.


Nov 21 2008

Just lovely

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And now, in only a skirmish of the broader battle to force everyone to treat gay marriage exactly as hetero marriage, regardless of religious beliefs or ideological orientation, the site eHarmony has yielded to lawsuit and will provide services for gays and lesbians, simply out of fear of what the court will decide if they continue to fight the lawsuit.

Congratulations, tolerance mau-mauers: Your shakedown of a Christian-targeted dating website worked. Homosexuals will no longer be denied the inalienable “right” to hook up with same-sex partners on eHarmony. What a landmark triumph for social progress, eh?

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Nov 21 2008

New World Odor

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Many perspicacious UN watchers, who thought John Bolton was the ideal UN Ambassador from the USA, have been very disappointed in the ways Bush has handled the UN in the last three years or so.  Another improper use of the filibuster by Democrats kept Bolton from being the permanent UN Ambassador under Bush, and Bush seemed to just lose heart for fighting the UN battle after that, when Bolton’s “recess appointment” expired.  To get a real flavor for the diseased cesspool that is the UN, read Bolton’s book, and ponder how it can possibly be in America’s interest to be “thought well of” by such a body, or how it can be evidence of our strength, resolve, and commitment to human rights around the world that the UN’s petty dictators are allowed to arrogate to themselves equality with a democratic, republican government, on the UN Human Rights Commission, no less.  And wonder exactly what it means that the U.N. seems completely thrilled with the ascension of Obama to the throne.

Here is Anne Bayefsky, who characterizes Bush’s first term as “Bush II” (his father was Bush I), and Bush’s second term as (Bush III), looking back critically at Bush III, and ahead ominously at Obama I, in the U.N.American Agenda at National Review Online

Nobody is happier about the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States than the folks at the United Nations. It is as if they finally discovered kryptonite, and Superman will soon be disabled.
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Nov 21 2008

Candidate of chains: that is, links to the old line pols

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Rob Kall: The Obama-Clinton Cabinet? We Voted for Change, Not Recycling

It’s been a long time since Democrats have worked in the White House or have had cabinet positions. Maybe it makes some sense that to start things off, Obama would consider bringing in some democrats with White House experience. That, almost by necessity, means Clinton people, or pretty old Carter people.

Read it all, and try not to laugh out loud. The Left helped elect a machine politician, steeped in the Chicago method, of buying support from opponents with favors, and otherwise rewarding sycophants when possible. Obama has ALWAYS been a company man, living in a company town. And now they expect him to start throwing bombs, bringing in unknowns to staff key positions?  Heh.

It’s called “promoting from within the organization”.