Jul 30 2010

Hate speech in action

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You tell me who is practicing hate speech here.

Imagine if the roles were reversed…

If the speaker was a gay minister, speaking gently of our responsibility to pray for our unfortunately confused brethren who don’t understand that Jesus was for gay marriage, saying that tactics of intimidation aimed at straight people are wrong, and the speaker was being shouted down by conservative bible-thumpers carrying signs saying things like “Gays hate God” or some such, you’d have seen this all over the evening news.

But the intolerant Left almost always gets a pass.

May 26 2009

California Prop 8 Upheld

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Today the California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, the amendment to the California Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  I am grateful the election results were upheld.  I am deeply concerned, however that the the vote itself (a second state-wide vote on the same issue – and with the same results), was not considered conclusive enough to bring the matter to a close.  Instead all of California held its collective breath to see whether or not the court system would overrule the clear will of the majority of California voters.  It is indicative of the degree to which people virtually expect judicial activism as a part of the political process.  It is also indicative of the fact that the will of the majority can be and has been thwarted by a small handful of individuals, sometimes just one person, appointed to the bench.  This, in my opinion, is not a good thing.

No matter your position on the subject of gay marriage today’s decision was an affirmation of the electoral process and for that I am grateful.

Apr 08 2009

Having it both ways?

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Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8

California mega-church pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says he apologized to his homosexual friends for making comments in support of California’s Proposition 8, and now claims he “never once even gave an endorsement” of the marriage amendment.

Pastor Rick WarrenMonday night on CNN’s Larry King Live, Pastor Rick Warren apologized for his support of Prop. 8, California’s voter-approved marriage protection amendment, saying he has “never been and never will be” an “anti-gay or anti-gay marriage activist.”

“During the whole Proposition 8 thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never — never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop. 8 was going,” Warren claimed.

However, just two weeks before the November 4 Prop. 8 vote, Pastor Warren issued a clear endorsement of the marriage amendment while speaking to church members. “We support Proposition 8 — and if you believe what the Bible says about marriage, you need to support Proposition 8,” he said.

Will the real Rick Warren please stand up?


Jan 07 2009

What Price Victory?

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In California, the passage of Proposition 8, defining marriage as between a man and a woman, is being challenged and is now before the California Supreme Court.  This is the very same court that struck down the first protection of traditional marriage, Proposition 22, passed in 2000.  In that case four members of the court overruled a 61.4% voting majority and declared the proposition unconstitutional.  In my opinion there is very little reason to think it won’t happen again.  What is of great concern to me is the outcry, the lobbying and the expectation of so many in this state seeking to obtain through the court system what they couldn’t get through the ballot box.  Both the California Governor and Lieutenant Governor have joined the chorus of those expressing hope that Prop 8 will be overturned by the court.  It has become common and sadly acceptable for the losers in a election to plan and execute a reversal of results by means of the court system and sympathetic judges.

I know this is a very hot-button issue.  But regardless of your opinion about gay marriage step back and think about this for a moment.  Is there any more precious right we have as citizens of this country than to vote?  Is liberty and freedom better expressed anywhere than in the voting booth?  Yet we seem to be perfectly fine with giving the most undemocratic, the most unaccountable and the most unrepresentative branch of government broad sweeping powers to make and change the Constitution as they see fit, taking the right away from us, the voters, We the People.

The people of California have spoken clearly twice in the last decade.  The voting majority want marriage to be defined as one man and one woman. Every vote by definition has a winner and a loser.  But if the loser can manipulate a system whereby they become the winner then does it not make the voting process a sham?

If Prop 8 is overturned the political left, the gay lobby, their sympathizers and supporters will be dancing in the streets. But if you look very closely you’ll see their dancing feet are trampling one of our most cherished and basic rights. And if that does happen then I will have one question…

Why bother to vote?

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Nov 24 2008

Tolerance has its limits, I guess

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Radical gay marriage activists, angry that Proposition 8 passed in California, are committing hate crimes, by any reasonable definition, but they’re still basically cowardly in their approach.   (Much more, worth reading, at the link.)

Last week in a Denver suburb, someone lit a Book of Mormon on fire and dropped it on the doorstep of a Mormon temple, presumably as a statement about the church’s support of Proposition 8 in California, an initiative that amended the state constitution to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. In a move that may make gay-rights supporters’ heads spin, the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

As I’ve mentioned before, if they had real guts, they’d drop burning Korans on the front steps of a few mosques here and there, and then stand out front with signs saying things like “Muhammed’s followers are haters” and the like. After all, Islam teaches that gays should be killed, and the teaching has never really been repudiated or revised (simply ignored when not convenient, but practiced in many Islamic cultures still). Mormon’s have not advocated any such thing, nor have Evangelicals or Catholics, anywhere in the world.

So who is the appropriate target for gay marriage angst? It’s pretty simple: they just insult the ones who they know won’t fight back.

I’m waiting for the day when they picket a mosque, and stay out there long enough to be identified by the Muslims whose beliefs they’re protesting.  That should be REALLY interesting, especially the follow up coverage.  Just for extra laughs, they could carry drawings of a gay Muhammed, as they’ve done with Jesus Christ

But that would take actual courage, wouldn’t it?


Nov 21 2008

Just lovely

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And now, in only a skirmish of the broader battle to force everyone to treat gay marriage exactly as hetero marriage, regardless of religious beliefs or ideological orientation, the site eHarmony has yielded to lawsuit and will provide services for gays and lesbians, simply out of fear of what the court will decide if they continue to fight the lawsuit.

Congratulations, tolerance mau-mauers: Your shakedown of a Christian-targeted dating website worked. Homosexuals will no longer be denied the inalienable “right” to hook up with same-sex partners on eHarmony. What a landmark triumph for social progress, eh?

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Oct 25 2008

With This Proposition I Thee Wed….

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Here in California we have a proposition on the November ballot that would amend the state constitution, defining marriage as between one man and one woman. This issue has already been the subject of a  state-wide vote in California and in 2000 Prop 22 passed with a 61%-38% margin.  But four members of the California Supreme Court decided they knew better than the voters and declared Prop 22 unconstitutional, (and who says you can’t legislate from the bench?). Thus we now have Prop 8.

Prior to voting on this very important issue it might not be a bad idea to examine what has happened in Massachusetts since gay marriage was legalized there.

There is an article is posted on the website of a group called Mass Resistance, a self-described “pro-family action group” in Massachusetts. It is a sobering read.  Do not be naive, this issue is about MUCH more than simply being able to marry the one you love.

PLEASE take the time to read, “What same-sex marriage has done to Massachusetts”.  Then vote “yes” on Proposition 8.

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