Aug 15 2010

Turkey, chemical weapons, and German crocodile tears

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German website Der Spiegel says examination of photographs of eight scorched Kurdish rebels shows Turkey used chemical weapons

Is Turkey using chemical weapons against Kurdish rebels? German weekly Der Spiegel reported on its website Thursday that it had obtained photographs showing the bodies of fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) that had been killed by chemical weapons. The report, which is based on a report published over the weekend, claims German experts have examined and confirmed the photographs’ authenticity.

According to the report, the horrifying images show burned, maimed and scorched body parts. Kurdish human rights activists believe the people in the photos are eight members of the PKK underground, who were killed in clashes with the Turkish military in September 2009.

The photographs were transferred to a human rights delegation including German activists, journalists, and far-Left Turkish politicians.

A “far left Turkish politician” just has to be an interesting beast.  From what I can gather, they are modeled after “social democrats” everywhere, which means that socialism is more important to them than freedom.  This group seems to descend from pro-Soviet roots.

The report said the photographs were transferred to a forensics lab and were examined by experts from Hamburg University Hospital. Expert Hans Baumann confirmed the initial suspicion that it is highly probable the eight Kurds died “due to the use of chemical substances.”

This is not the first time Turkey is suspected of using chemical weapons, in violation of the international treaty to which it is a signatory. Such suspicions have led German politicians to call for an independent international probe into the matter.

It would be spectacular if those same German politicians were more serious in stopping Iran from going nuclear.  How many German banks and German industrialists are doing business with Iran (maybe through appropriate cutouts to maintain semi-plausible deniability)?  But only semi-plausible.

Gisela Penteker, a Turkey expert with the international medical organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, noted that Turkey has been suspected of using chemical weapons for years. “Local people have said that again and again,” she explained. Finding proof is difficult, however, she said, because bodies were often released so late that it was hardly possible to carry out a thorough autopsy.

Meanwhile, Berlin daily newspaper Die Tageszeitung, also reported that it has obtained additional, shocking pictures, supposedly autopsy photographs of six other killed Kurds.

The paper also reported that the Turkish Foreign Ministry rejected the claims, saying, “Turkey is a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention, and its armed forces do not possess any biological or chemical weapons.”

Well, that’s comforting.  Turkey, of course, is the newest addition to the international blame-Israel-first coalition, made up of the Arab league, most European nations, Russia and China….  and, of course, the American Left, including American academia and American media.

Good luck finding any significant American media outlet covering this, or an American academic calling for an international investigation….  of the sort they called for when Israel defended its Gaza blockade from Turkish ships.  Now, THAT really deserved an “impartial” international investigation by that neutral arbiter of peace and truth, the United Nations.

But a few Turkish Kurds killed with banned chemical weapons?  That doesn’t even make the radar screen, let alone the news.

It would seem that the Turkish government’s zone of protection from such investigation has widened, in exact proportion to its recent hostility to Israel.  After all: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

And to most of these people, Israel is surely the enemy.

Jul 12 2010

The UN as tragicomedy, minus deus ex machina, while Iran continues to enrich uranium

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The UN continues its utter vapidity and cupidity (not to mention stupidity) with this bit of insane theater.  It’s like putting Adolph Hitler on the board of the local anti-semitism society.  I’m sure the women of Iran are comforted now that Iran is going to have a voice at the UN for women’s rights around the world.

In the meantime, Iran continues its nuclear program apace, a fact which even the densest of the international left is finally beginning to realize, and fear.  And Iran is still the single largest player in fomenting international terrorism, unless, of couse, you count the Saudi’s, who fund the madrassas that create converts to radical Islamism, and also appear to fund terrorists directly via cutouts and misdirection.  This isn’t exactly Saudi national policy, since terrorism threatens the Saudi leadership as well as the USA and Israel.  But it’s a measure of how out-of-control the Saudi government is of how its family princes spend their money outside the nation.

Oh, yeah, we really want these guys working for women’s rights.

Jun 20 2010

Telling the truth with satire

You really need to check out this Powerline post, and watch the videos they linked here (don’t be impatient, the ad is short) and here.

Entertaining.  And educational.

Jul 29 2009

Hiding behind the innocent

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Officials say that Hamas is tunneling near UN facilities

Hamas is digging tunnels next to United Nations facilities under the assumption that the IDF will not target them during a future conflict, defense officials warned on Sunday.

The idea of tunneling near the UN school, the official said, was a lesson Hamas had learned from Operation Cast Lead earlier this year, during which the IDF did its utmost to avoid targeting UN facilities.

“Hamas uses civilian infrastructure to hide behind,” explained the official. “This is another example of Hamas’s cynical use of a school.”

This is not the first time Palestinian terrorists have used the Beit Hanun school. In October 2007, an IAF drone videotaped three terrorists preparing and then launching mortars from within the UN school compound in Beit Hanun.

Clearly, the Palestinians need to choose between supporting Hamas and having a UN presence in Gaza. And the UN needs to force that choice, by simply leaving until Hamas is gone. It is unconscionable for the UN to allow itself to be used as a shield for Hamas terrorists.

Will the UN force the choice? You’re kidding, right?

Nov 21 2008

New World Odor

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Many perspicacious UN watchers, who thought John Bolton was the ideal UN Ambassador from the USA, have been very disappointed in the ways Bush has handled the UN in the last three years or so.  Another improper use of the filibuster by Democrats kept Bolton from being the permanent UN Ambassador under Bush, and Bush seemed to just lose heart for fighting the UN battle after that, when Bolton’s “recess appointment” expired.  To get a real flavor for the diseased cesspool that is the UN, read Bolton’s book, and ponder how it can possibly be in America’s interest to be “thought well of” by such a body, or how it can be evidence of our strength, resolve, and commitment to human rights around the world that the UN’s petty dictators are allowed to arrogate to themselves equality with a democratic, republican government, on the UN Human Rights Commission, no less.  And wonder exactly what it means that the U.N. seems completely thrilled with the ascension of Obama to the throne.

Here is Anne Bayefsky, who characterizes Bush’s first term as “Bush II” (his father was Bush I), and Bush’s second term as (Bush III), looking back critically at Bush III, and ahead ominously at Obama I, in the U.N.American Agenda at National Review Online

Nobody is happier about the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States than the folks at the United Nations. It is as if they finally discovered kryptonite, and Superman will soon be disabled.
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Jul 11 2008

Hizbullah gets new toys…. LOTS of toys

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I commented earlier on HAMAS turning Gaza into an ammo dump and training field for the coming conflict with Israel. (When isn’t there a coming conflict?) Hizbullah, not to be outdone, is doing the same thing, probably also via arms from Iran and Syria.

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