Feb 10 2015

Another American hostage dead

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Kayla Meller, the American woman held hostage since 2013, has died, apparently, at the hands of her Islamic terrorist captors. I don’t even want to imagine what horrors she must have endured while in captivity or the method used to end her life. It is too horrific to imagine, especially while the images of the Jordanian pilot being burned alive are so fresh in my mind.
We have seen the Jordanian response to the death of their citizen. Jordan immediately executed two Islamic terrorist prisoners and has launched repeated airstrikes against ISIS.
I wonder what the USA response will be to this death of an American. The president has said, “No matter how long it takes, the United States will find and bring to justice the terrorists who are responsible for Kayla’s captivity and death. I can’t help but wonder if he said it going to or coming from the golf course.

Jan 06 2014

A Little Perspective on Accomplishment

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“Three and a half years of World War II, starting with the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor December ’41, ending in ’45, in that three and a half year period, this country built 22 aircraft carriers, eight battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft.

On and on, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars. Three million machine guns, 2,500,000 military trucks. We put 16 million men in uniform, various Armed Services, all over the world, Africa, Sicily, Italy. We won the battle for the Atlantic. We won in the Pacific. Three and a half years we did all that. In the same period of time the Obama administration could not even build a website.”

Whatever your opinion of Rush Limbaugh, this is a very poignant quote.

May 17 2013

Outgoing IRS acting chief, apparently deaf, dumb and blind

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Nov 08 2012

Dobson’s 2008 predictions revisited

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Shortly after the 2008 elections, I posted this article, discussing the predictions that James Dobson had made shortly before the election (and Jim Wallis’ objections to those predictions), about what the outcomes of an Obama administration might be.  The predictions came in the form of a “letter from the future.

If you click the link above and follow the discussion, many of the worst outcomes that Dobson predicted were predicated on the possible retirements of Scalia and Kennedy from the Supreme Court, allowing Obama to appoint two leftist judges to replace one conservative and one moderate, thereby securing a 6-3 leftist majority court that would rubberstamp anything Obama wanted to do, and perhaps discover new “rights” in the Constitution, like same-sex marriage.

Of course, those two judges didn’t retire in Obama’s first time, but they’re getting older, and there is no doubt what kind of judges Obama will replace them with, if they retire during Obama’s second term for health or other reasons.  (For this reason, we should all be fervently praying for their health and vigor.)

It strikes me that while premature, Dobson’s predictions may not be far off the mark now….  with the exception of any of them that require a compliant House of Representatives, which I hope Obama does not have (though past weak kneed Republican performances don’t fill me with confidence).

I think it’s not unreasonable to suspect that any of Dobson’s predictions that don’t require action by the House of Representatives are likely to come to pass if Obama does have a chance to pack the court to the left…  or even just replace a single conservative or moderate justice with the likes of Kagan or Sotomayor, giving the left a 5-4 majority for a LONG time, in all liklihood.  Note that judges appointed by Democrats don’t seem to move to the right….  while the reverse happens too often (Souter).

And regarding Jim Wallis’ objections to Dobson’s predictions (responded to more fully here),  what would Wallis’ have said in 2008 at a prediction that Obama’s universal healthcare law would force Christian institutions to pay for abortifacient birth control?

Doubtless he would have called it “hate speech” and “paranoia.”

The reality is quite other, isn’t it?


Sep 10 2012

Doctor hilariously diagnoses Obamacare in a single sentence… about as long as a DNA strand

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Sep 01 2012

Out of touch

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Almost immediately after the SEAL TEAM SIX raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, the Obama narrative has been how courageous the president was in ordering the raid, what firm resolve he showed, blah endless blah. Obama’s tame press supporters have aided and abetted this travesty of the reality of command. Bill Clinton, that stalwartly intrepid former Commander in Chief who couldn’t find the nerve to take the opportunities he had to kill bin Laden in the 1990s, praised Obama’s courage in a recent Obama campaign ad.

Needless to say, families of killed special forces operatives were incensed at the self-absorption of Obama and his minions, and made the following short video in response.President George W. Bush always lionized his troops. He did not talk about the “risks” he was taking as commander as if they compared in any way with the risks to life and limb taken by the troops.  In behaving this way, GWB was reflecting the tradition of American commanders, which is always to shine the light on the risks taken and sacrifices made by the troops, and not on themselves, since George Washington himself.  Can you imagine George Washington printing a pamphlet lionizing himself for having commanded the troops into the battle for Philadelphia, or Yorktown?

Obama can only dream of being so classy…. except that I doubt he dreams of it, because it doesn’t occur to him.

Aug 25 2012

In his own words

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OBAMA discussing survivors of late-term abortion “that fetus, or child, however you want to describe it, is now outside of the mother’s womb“….

Obama was famously against providing any care for infants who survive late-term abortions, when he was a State Senator in Illinois.

HERE is some of the coldest language I’ve ever heard.  This alone disqualifies Obama from being President.  Take note of the words referring to the unborn child who survives a late-term abortion, “…they’re not just coming out limp and dead….”    He is completely for simply letting the infant languish and die, alone, in a utility sink or thrown in the garbage.  It has taken some of these babies 8 hours to die, essentially being tortured to death for the crime of not being wanted.



Aug 06 2012

Winners and losers?

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Some people accuse leftist federal government (namely Obama) of picking winners and losers. That isn’t really fair. Obama just picks losers.

Solar-cell manufacturer Solyndra became a household name when it collapsed, taking $627 million in American taxpayer dollars with it. It’s the poster company for the government picking winners and losers—or really, just losers—in the energy market. But there are 12 more “green energy” losers that have declared bankruptcy despite attempts to prop them up with taxpayer money—and the list is growing.

There’s a reason why these companies could not rely solely on private financing and needed help from the government. They couldn’t make it on their own; they couldn’t even make it with extra taxpayer help.

These green government “investments” take from one (by taxing or borrowing) and give to another, but they merely move money around. They do not create jobs. They send labor and resources to areas of the economy where they are wasted. Proponents of special financing and tax credits for solar companies claim that these benefits will pay for themselves down the line—but when the companies receiving them are going bankrupt, that is highly unlikely.

Kate Adams, a member of Heritage’s Young Leaders Program, and Heritage’s Rachael Slobodien compiled a list of the 12 members of the Green Graveyard—companies that received taxpayer money for green initiatives yet have filed for bankruptcy.

  1. Abound Solar (Loveland, Colorado), manufacturer of thin film photovoltaic modules.
  2. Beacon Power (Tyngsborough, Massachusetts), designed and developed advanced products and services to support stable, reliable and efficient electricity grid operation.
  3. Ener1 (Indianapolis, Indiana), built compact lithium-ion-powered battery solutions for hybrid and electric cars.
  4. Energy Conversion Devices (Rochester Hills, Michigan/Auburn Hills, Michigan), manufacturer of flexible thin film photovoltaic (PV) technology and a producer of batteries and other renewable energy-related products.
  5. Evergreen Solar, Inc. (Marlborough, Massachusetts), manufactured and installed solar panels.
  6. Mountain Plaza, Inc. (Dandridge, Tennessee), designed and implemented “truck-stop electrification” technology.
  7. Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsens Mills Acquisition Co. (Berlin, Wisconsin), a private company producing ethanol.
  8. Range Fuels (Soperton, Georgia), tried to develop a technology that converted biomass into ethanol without the use of enzymes.
  9. Raser Technologies (Provo, Utah), geothermal power plants and technology licensing.
  10. Solyndra (Fremont, California), manufacturer of cylindrical panels of thin-film solar cells.
  11. Spectrawatt (Hopewell, New York), solar cell manufacturer.
  12. Thompson River Power LLC (Wayzata, Minnesota), designed and developed advanced products and services to support stable, reliable and efficient electricity grid operation.

Is there a company somewhere that you don’t like? See if you can get the Obama stimulus spenders to give money to it. It’s the kiss of death.

Jul 30 2012

Learning from experience… the hard way

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Jul 27 2012

You can’t claim it’s out of context when you play the whole clip #1

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