Mar 19 2009

The Left At Christian Universities

harmonicminer @ 8:19 pm

The first post in the series is here, and they each link to the next.

Below are links to the individual posts.

Part one.

Part two.  Why it matters.

Part three.  Diversity.

Part four.  Diversity.

Part five.  Silencing free expression the gentle, positive way.

Part six.  You can’t post that HERE!

Part seven.  Speech codes.

Part eight.  Violently non-violent.

Part nine. The student’s parents are idiots.

Part ten.  Rewarding the indefensible.

Part eleven.  You know your Christian college or university has gone or is going left when….

Part twelve.  Revisiting the evangelical mind.  Why aren’t Christian universities more “diverse”?

Part thirteen.  Infiltrating, or enabling?  Placing students in internships with Leftist organizations.

Part fourteen.  Does the secular Left believe its faith more firmly than the Christian academy believes its own?

Part fifteen.  Summer camp was never like this.

Part sixteen.  Psychological psychos?

Part seventeen.  Intolerant lovers of “tolerance”?

Part eighteen.  Fear of Fundamentalism.

Part nineteen.  Losing it.

Part twenty.  We’ve been here before.

While not exactly a part of this series, here is a link to another group of posts on the “Prosperity Gospel for Christian Institutions.”

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  1. Jack says:


    Where, on your website, can I access your complete bio?

    From a fellow high desert inhabitant.


  2. harmonicminer says:

    Jack, click the About Us tab at the top for a thumbnail sketch, which is all I have posted. I’ll send you MY complete bio if you send me yours first….

    If you want more personal discussion about something, you can email me at

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