Jul 15 2014

Applying the same low standard

Category: abortion,illegal alienamuzikman @ 11:56 pm

One of the major criticisms leveled at those of us who are pro-life goes something like this:
“The pro-life crowd only cares about babies until they are born.” and, “Anti-abortion people never put as much money and effort into early childhood health care, parent education, nutrition, etc as they do into trying to stop abortions”
Without even touching on the merits of such accusations, let me apply them in a different direction. Can it also be said: “The pro-undocumented immigration folks will only care about these people until they get amnesty.” or “If you are in favor of so many illegals crossing our border why don’t you step up and agree to house, clothe and feed some in your own home?”

Absurd accusations are just that, and do nothing to promote a useful conversation or find solutions. Yet we seem increasingly willing to use “Facebook chic” memes as poor substitutes for rational discourse.


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