Mar 19 2009

The Next Great Awakening

harmonicminer @ 8:25 pm

The first post in this series is here, and each is linked to the next.

Below are links to the individual posts.

Part one.  The convergence of science and theism.

Part two.  The limitations of evidence in creating or challenging faith.

Part three.  Why is rationality a feature of the universe, and of human beings?

Part four.  The Fermi Paradox, alien life, and what it has to do with theism.

Part five.  God the Egotist.

Part six.  Biblical inerrancy and science.

Part seven.  Whither the primordial soup?  I thought soup required a chef.

Part eight.  Someone to watch over us?

Part nine.  God, music, and the limits to analogy.

Part ten.  Your brain is not a computer, and your mind is not your brain.

Part eleven.  See just a bit more clearly than necessary?

Part twelve.  Nothing is complete without God.

Part thirteen.  Ancient Public Works.

Part fourteen.  Branes, brains, and the multiverse

Part fifteen.  Reasoned response to skeptics

Part sixteen.  Somehow it just happened that one simple cell got inside another simple cell (without killing them both).

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