Nov 06 2008

I must be a truly post-modern professor

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A former student wrote on my Facebook wall recently, and said:

You were by far the most brilliant, confusing, and memorable professor I had.

My reply to him (a touch tongue-in-cheek, perhaps):

Confusion is actually a sign of great wisdom, since nothing is really comprehensible, and so if you THINK you understand, you’re almost certainly wrong.

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Nov 06 2008

Economic reality, government programs, food and energy

Category: Congress,economy,energy,politicsharmonicminer @ 10:02 am

John Stossel has some good thoughts on what is, and is not, in the power of governments. He begins by quoting African-American economist Walter Williams:

“Politicians have immense power to do harm to the economy. But they have very little power to do good,” Williams says.

The failure to understand this is at the root of many of our problems.

“Most of life is outside the government sector,” says David Boaz of the Cato Institute. “Most change in America doesn’t come from politicians. It comes from people inventing things and creating. The telephone, the telegraph, the computer, all those things didn’t come from government. Our world is going to get better and better, as long as we keep the politicians from screwing it up.”

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