May 26 2009

E for Effort?

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I spend most of my occupational time teaching these days.  It is the most recent step in a career evolution that has spanned 33 years and counting.  I was fortunate enough to have figured out ways of making my passion my vocation and thus have enjoyed a professional career in the music virtually all my adult life. There was a brief detour for a couple years in real estate investing or what is now called “house-flipping”.  The one good thing I can say about that is…I survived (just barely).

The full-time teaching chapter of my story has so far occupied about ten years, though I have taught in some capacity pretty much since I got out of college.  I suppose that means I’ve been around long enough to have formed some opinions and perspectives on the subject of learning, particularly in the area of music.  I freely admit the following observations are purely anecdotal, based on nothing more than my own life experiences and would not stand the challenge of academic rigor.

To put it bluntly, many college students with whom I come in contact on a daily basis display a disturbing lack of passion, curiosity, self-motivation or determination. There are very few young people I encounter with any real fire in their belly! Continue reading “E for Effort?”

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Mar 07 2009

It Ain’t Your Money To Spend

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I always said that jazz tells the truth.

Now Kathleen Stewart speaks truth to power.

It Ain’t Your Money To Spend

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Feb 04 2009

Musically celebrating the Inauguration

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Jan 25 2009

Music of the heart

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You may have seen this already, but it’s short, and worth revisiting. If it’s new to you, enjoy.


Jan 17 2009

Marsalis on today’s music students

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Here are comments by a legendary musician on music students today. Some of his comments may apply to students in other areas, but it’s really about the music. Mild language warning.

Branford Marsalis’ take on students today

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Dec 18 2008

Merry Christmas

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Music Majors With Time On Their Hands, always a dangerous combination

Carol of the Bottles

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Dec 14 2008

The Music Inside

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Being a musician, this one just appealed to me:



Nov 14 2008

A bit late for Veteran’s Day, but worth the wait

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Since my fellow blogger is a trombonist, I really couldn’t resist.

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Jul 10 2008

Someone to Watch Over My Carbon Credits

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Oh… my.

They’re going to make an opera about Al Gore’s chicken little book that tries to terrify the world. First there was the book. Then there was a slide show. Then there was a movie about Al Gore narrating a slide show. So: is the opera going to be about Al Gore accepting the Oscar for the movie of him narrating his slide show about his book? This will, I take it, be a comic opera. Or maybe just a parody mass. Or just massively parodied? The Rev. Dr. Professor Gore is looking pretty massive these days. I think the lead role should be sung by a Basso Buffoondo.

They should have renamed the Oscar just for him: it should have been called the OhScare.

After the quote below, I’ve created some new song titles for the opera….

Continue reading “Someone to Watch Over My Carbon Credits”

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Oct 15 2006

Musical GOD is back here for now

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Due to hosting problems, MUSICAL GOD has returned to blogspot for now.

Hopefully it won’t be here too long, and apologies to all whose comments from the past don’t show here.

Look at it this way… we all need a chance to make a fresh start now and then.


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