Nov 08 2008

The demographic breakdown

Category: economy,election 2008sardonicwhiner @ 9:47 am

From Daily Kos, here are a couple of charts showing the demographic breakdown of the election.  It’s pretty eye-opening, especially if this is new info to you, and then I have some conclusions.

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Nov 08 2008

What Really Matters

Category: freedom,libertyamuzikman @ 12:54 am

In all the hype. hoopla, and hyperbole of these tumultuous days it might be a good thing to stop for a brief moment and reflect on what really matters.  What runs through your mind at the end a long, hard day when you finally plop down in your easy chair or relax on the back porch swing?  With what do you really concern yourself after the dishes are done, the homework has been completed and the kids are in bed?  In the late night solitude after everyone has gone to bed and there’s no one but you and the dog what do you think about?

For me it always comes back to my kids.  I pray for them daily.  I hope for them.  I worry for them and I cheer for them.  I want them to be happy, safe, well, and secure.  I want them to know God.  I want them to walk with God and live a life of faith.  I want them to be strong, men and women of conviction and moral courage, principled, brave and caring.

I want my kids to live in a world that cherishes, protects, defends and upholds life.

I want them to be successful, dream as big as they want and pursue the passion of their hearts.  I want them to live in a world in which hard work and dedication are rewarded.  I want them to be self-reliant, confident, and free.

I want my kids to understand the great and noble principles upon which our great country was founded.  I want them to appreciate those who gave their lives for the cause of the very freedom we all enjoy.

Have these hopes and dreams gone “out of style”?  Are we now to abandon our noble and precious birthright for what Deitrich Bonnhoeffer called “a mess of pottage”.  Well if by “change” one means to leave these virtues in favor of something else then I must say “no thank you”, no matter what the “something else” may be, and no matter how smooth and enticing the offer.  I’ll take a pass on that “change”, thank you very much.

I’m starting to understand how Moses felt.

“…I have been a stranger in a strange land.”  Exodus 2:22

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Nov 08 2008

Never, ever, give up

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