Nov 22 2008

John Ziegler is at it again, thank God

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John Ziegler, whose earlier efforts in documenting ABC’s and Disney’s torpedoing of the mini series “The Path to 911” I mentioned here, has now scored again with How Obama Got Elected. The official description of the film:

On November 4th, 2008 millions of Americans were shocked that a man of Barack Obama’s limited experience, extreme liberal positions and radical political alliances could be elected President of the United States. For many of these Americans, the explanation was rather simple… the news media, completely enamored with Obama, simply refused to do their job.

On Election day twelve Obama voters were interviewed extensively right after they voted to learn how the news media impacted their knowledge of what occurred during the campaign. These voters were chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience. The rather shocking video below seeks to provide some insight into which information broke through the news media clutter and which did not.

And without further ado:

Mr. Ziegler, the filmmaker, has been the target of various attacks, to which he responds here.

The Left is touchy, isn’t it?

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Nov 22 2008

Note to Barney Frank: Russia is not cutting its military by 25%

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Russia’s new strategic submarine to start sea trials by yearend

Russia’s first Borey class strategic nuclear submarine will start sea trials by the end of 2008, the Sevmash shipyard said on Thursday.

The fourth-generation Yury Dolgoruky was built at the Sevmash plant in northern Russia and was taken out of dry dock in April 2007. It will be equipped with Bulava ballistic missiles upgraded from Topol-M (SS-27) missiles.

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Nov 22 2008

Obama holds seance with FDR

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While a recent new report on President-elect Obama’s plans is pretty high on glittering generality, including the obligatory swipe at George Bush, the former senator shares the single substantive detail (and it isn’t much) about how he will aid the rebuilding of the economy. Here is his plan to create 2.5M new jobs by 2011.

“We’ll put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, modernizing schools that are failing our children, and building wind farms and solar panels,” Obama said. He also made a commitment to fuel-efficient cars and alternative energy technologies “that can free us from our dependence on foreign oil and keep our economy competitive in the years ahead.”

Move over Community Reinvestment Act. We’re about to have a new Works Progress Adminstration, a new Civilian Conservation Corps, a new Reconstruction Finance Corporation, etc.
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Nov 22 2008

Have you been abusing your consitutional rights?

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So, President-elect Obama’s vetting questionaire includes this tidbit.

“Do you or any members of your immediate family own a gun? If so, provide complete ownership and registration information. Has the registration ever lapsed? Please also describe how and by whom it is used and whether it has been the cause of any personal injuries or property damage.”

The last time I looked, there is a Second Amendment to the Consitution. Yes, firearms ownership and possession has been restricted in various ways, but the Supreme Court has decided that it IS a personal right, not a group right, and that greater scrutiny must be applied in the future regarding limitations on it.
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Nov 22 2008

The huge, huge credibility problem for the major media

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In what appears to be a sort of penultimate post for the time being, the Bidinotto Blog has a post titled Belated mea culpas from the MSM.   There are links in the post, and some of them link to other links, so if you’re in doubt, there’s plenty of information there and linked there to make the point.

The gist is simple:  all over the media, print and broadcast, “journalists” and “ombudsmen” are finally admitting what any slightly intelligent person already knew, that the media essentially abdicated its responsibility to do honest reporting and full investigation of Obama and Biden, to follow up leads, to air information rebutting their claims, etc., while going overboard in attacking Palin and McCain.

It isn’t up for discussion:  they’ve basically admitted it.  And their admission has great credibility in itself, because it is an admission against interest.  So, now, what will they do?  I’ve already weighed in on that.

I suspect that over time, the nation may well develop a huge case of buyer’s remorse, and blame it on the used car salesmen masquerading as journalists who lied by what they said, lied by what they didn’t say, lied by what they claimed not to know, and lied by not looking for anything that might turn out to be damaging to the Obama campaign.

While it’s been a joke in the center-right blogosphere that the major media are another wing of the DNC public relations machine, or even just directly an arm of the Obama campaign, that appears to be the literal truth.

And in the final irony, the Democrat Congress seems poised to impose a “fairness doctrine” on talk radio, and to push Obama to sign it, or even just do it administratively via the FCC.  There will never, of course, be a “fairness doctrine” for broadcast television….  THAT would be prior restraint of free speech.

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Nov 22 2008

You’ve seen these, but maybe you haven’t thought about them lately

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“If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed; if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.”  [Mark Twain]

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