Nov 04 2008

“A twisted dollop of evil scum”: the man has a way with words

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Beldar speaks

ABC News’ Jake Tapper reports (h/t InstaPundit) that Bill Ayers voted this morning at Chicago’s Shoesmith Elementary School, shortly before another “guy from his neighborhood,” Barack Obama.

I’m sure someone had the job this morning of making sure that they were never in the same room, or otherwise capable of being captured within the same camera viewfinder, at the same time.

Ayers has the legal right to vote only because law enforcement screw-ups prevented him from being prosecuted for and convicted of the multiple felonies to which he’s confessed. He remains, however, a twisted dollop of evil scum, a description that I’m quite proud will be forever associated with his name in major online search engines.

Actually, Ayers didn’t vote for Obama. He is widely believed to have planned to write in Che Guevara, with whom he shares more in common. After all, the graveyard vote is big in Chicago, and we don’t have Barry’s birth certificate, either. And Che was widely reported to have been born in the Argentine American Embassy, legally American ground, so he could qualify, too.

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Nov 04 2008

Don’t believe a WORD about election results until the LAST COUNT is done

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Based on their performance in 2000 and 2004, I expect the major media to literally lie about the results they get from exit polling, as they try to affect the election like they did in 2000 and 2004.

The election night decision of the networks in 2000 to call Florida for Gore –erroneous, and done even before Florida had closed its polls– was the single worst intervention in America’s elections by the MSM in history. It cost Republicans across the country an untold number of votes and many seats in the House and the Senate, and almost cost Bush the election.

The second worst intervention was the bogus exit polling in 2004, which had effects across the country too complex to chart.

In both instances the MSM’s “decision desks” injured the basic functioning of our democracy, and tomorrow the trend will probably hold as MSM analysts –except the always-to-be-trusted Barone– work overtime to find in their numbers the results their polls have been predicting for a month. This dynamic will slow down any good news for McCain and accelerate any perceived good news for Obama.

Play the part of Charlie Brown if you like tomorrow and try and kick MSM Lucy’s football, but the best advice is believe nothing until all the polls have closed and the real results are tallied.

We’ve been fooled twice by media liars. If we’re fooled again, we are indeed the fools.

And the funny/sad part:  even if Obama wins, in the end, the media will still have lied, because they will have “called the election” before they REALLY knew the result.

Nov 04 2008

The Dishonest “No on 8” campaign

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I’ve already commented on how dishonest the “NO on 8” campaign is, to try to defeat Proposition 8 in California, which would restore marriage to the status it has held for some thousands or years, namely, between men and women only.  The No on 8 ad claims that it won’t affect the schools, when gay marriage advocates know that it will, and already has.  And, they’ve stalled on implementing lawsuits to force even more gay marriage propaganda into the schools, until they defeat Prop 8, if they can, knowing that it wouldn’t look good for them to be suing for yet more specific pro-gay marriage influence in the schools when their ads are claiming it won’t happen.

A new ad just hit the airwaves tonight, and it isn’t on youtube yet, but it quotes Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diane Feinstein, a couple others, all claiming that Prop 8 is (horrors!) discriminatory.  It doesn’t even say what Prop 8 is about.  Neither the word “gay” nor the phrase “gay marriage” is used.  Obviously, we’re supposed to recoil in horror at the word “discrimination” and flee the battlefield.

To hear them tell it, you’d think that Prop 8 was trying to keep Romeo and Juliet apart.

This is fundamentally dishonest, of course.  It’s a very close election, and most people have made up their minds by now, but they’re hoping, at the last minute, to snag some people who have no idea whatsoever just what Prop 8 might be about, but can be swayed with mindless use of the word “discriminate”.  One is reminded of the way pro-choice advocates never use the word “kill”, unless it’s to describe the incredibly small amount of violence aimed at abortion providers.  (About one abortion worker killed for every seven million babies aborted, over the life of Roe v. Wade, meaning abortionists are far safer in their clinics than driving home, despite the nonsense you’ve heard in the major media.)

One of the best ways to lie, of course, is to simply avoid telling the whole truth.

Here’s a video of another group of people, who give about as much actual information in this display of public discourse as the ad with the big names.

Of course, Prop 8 does NOT discriminate.  Anyone can marry a person of the opposite sex, just like it has always been, for all of human history.

Nov 04 2008

After the election

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I’m looking forward to talking about something besides the election.  And whether it’s in (tentative) celebration, or mourning combined with hiding my head in the sand (hoping the debacle is not so great as I fear), I plan to continue two chains of posts I’ve started.

One is the series on The Next Great Awakening.  It starts here.

Another is the series on The Left At Christian Universities.  It starts here.

And I have some other ideas up my sleeve.  (sheesh….  talk about mixing metaphors)

So stick around:  I’m sure I’ll find the time to criticize whoever manages to get elected, and in the meantime, there are lots of other interesting things to talk about.