Aug 10 2011

The “mock the spending” youtube channel

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Here is the youtube channel that explains in very simple, short videos, what the problem is with government spending, regulation, and general uncalled for interference in our lives, with equal time spent on nannystaters, regulators, and general busybodies.


It’s called “Mock The Spending,” obviously a takeoff on “Rock the vote.”


Here’s one of the videos, but there are many, and the whole channel is pretty entertaining.

This is an especially funny one called, “If the government patched World of Warcraft”:



2 Responses to “The “mock the spending” youtube channel”

  1. Anthony says:

    I thought that he was going to say that with the whitehouse patch when your guild kills a boss the loot will randomly drop in a weaker players inventory who wasnt even in the instance.

    A good example of “socialized” video games was actually done tbh. I used to play star wars galaxies. It took forever in that game to build a jedi character, you truely had to have no life at all to do it. So naturally, not being married at the time I had an awesome jedi character. Friends would call for me all the time when they got stuck in a cave somewhere. I remember one time I ran like the flash with jedi speed to help them to the bottom of the cave, defeated the paltry foes that had troubled them and then was swarmed by the whole caves worth of enemies that had followed me down. They surrounded me on all sides, just the lightsaber buzzin while the digital monster bodies were flying everwhere. My friends were at the edge of the room in the cave clapping and cheering. It was great.

    Sony decided to make the game more fair though so certain people couldnt be stronger than others. The official word for that is getting nerfed. They changed it so that anybody could be a jedi and that those who were became the same strength as any other profession class in the game. I did manage to sell mine, purely by luck, for about 500 bucks on ebay right before the news went out on that which was lucky for me.

    Subsequently 90 percent of sony’s subscribers left the game and it became a ghost town. They lost money hand over fist on that call and the whole debacle made them the laughingstock of the industry. You dont just nerf a nerds jedi and think he will pay you for the privilege.

    What is the point we can learn here? Well, not only do lefty ideas not work in reality, but they fail in fantasy even more dramatically.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    “not only do lefty ideas not work in reality, but they fail in fantasy even more dramatically.”

    That’s a GREAT line. I have to use it in a post sometime…. but I’ll give due credit.

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