Aug 13 2011

Crop circle science

Category: humorharmonicminer @ 7:50 pm

Crop circles are contended by some to be the work of aliens (maybe from some other dimension or something), and by others to be the work of hoaxers.  A new theory for how crop circles are created is described in Crop circle creation theory: physics, not aliens |

The question led researcher Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon to rule out at least some traditional explanations of the tools involved in creating the circles. Taylor contends that in the modern age, planks and ropes (to flatten plants) and even bar stools to jump from one area to another undetected, are just too cumbersome to produce results in the comparatively brief period of their creative incubation.

Instead,  he argued that latter-day crop-circle auteurs use high-tech gadgets such as GPS monitors to place the shapes and magnetrons (tubes that use electricity and magnetism to generate intense heat) to cause the crop stalks to fall over at high speed.

It seems to me that any scientist who actually believed his own theory could simply prove that it’s possible for crop circles to be created this way.  All it takes is some of the high-tech gear described above, a field with some crops, and nice evening with decent weather.  Go to it, experimenters.  Create a convincing full-sized crop circle in a night.

Or, alternatively, admit you don’t have a clue about what’s going on and leave it for someone else to first devise, and then demonstrate a reasonable method for producing them, in situ and in one night.

Personally, I strongly suspect it is the work of the Lithuanian Espionage Service….  but that’s just because I frighten easily.