Aug 15 2011

Boo hoo!!!! Waaahhhhh!!!!

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Michele Bachmann’s bodyguards developing reputation for bullying reporters

CNN weekend anchor Don Lemon says that Marcus Bachmann, the husband of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, and two members of her campaign staff pushed him into a golf cart during a campaign stop at the Iowa state fair in Des Moines before Bachmann’s victory in Saturday’s straw poll.

I find myself liking Bachmann more and more.

The incident comes less than a month after a similar scene at a campaign stop in Aiken, South Carolina, where ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross said he was “manhandled” by two of Bachmann’s bodyguards.

Look, Messrs. Lemon and Ross.  Either something illegal occurred (like an actual assault) or it didn’t.  If it did, file a police report…  since you’re in public, you should have plenty of witnesses.  If nothing illegal occurred, i.e., you were NOT actually assaulted, then shut up, grow up, and move on.  I very, very strongly suspect that absolutely NOTHING of note occurred, for the very simple reason that if it had you would have witnesses lined up and you would be prosecuting, since reporters are mostly inherently publicity hounds, and since we all know either of you would do anything to get to be the one who destroyed Bachmann’s candidacy.  After all, she is becoming a Palin-size target in this election cycle.

Either way, whining about something that isn’t actually illegal is just another way of claiming personal privilege because you’re a bigshot reporter. 

Get over it.