Aug 10 2011

Friedman is dreaming…. again.

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Thomas Friedman has really lost his mind.  He seems to think that if both parties get together and agree to ignore the laws of economics in concert, then everything will be better. 



Aug 10 2011

These kids have no idea what they’re asking for

Category: left,media,societyharmonicminer @ 1:05 pm

This video is really scary.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.




Angelic faces and voices, selling pure poison.

Aug 10 2011

The “mock the spending” youtube channel

Category: Congress,economy,funny but sad,government,Group-think,liberty,mediaharmonicminer @ 11:46 am

Here is the youtube channel that explains in very simple, short videos, what the problem is with government spending, regulation, and general uncalled for interference in our lives, with equal time spent on nannystaters, regulators, and general busybodies.


It’s called “Mock The Spending,” obviously a takeoff on “Rock the vote.”


Here’s one of the videos, but there are many, and the whole channel is pretty entertaining.

This is an especially funny one called, “If the government patched World of Warcraft”: