Aug 22 2011

Have you seen this?

Category: election 2012,Obamaharmonicminer @ 12:06 am

Now, honestly, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or sling the end product of canine digestion at this particular website.

As the 2012 election begins, we know grassroots support will be more important than ever before. President Obama is working every day to keep making America stronger — and together we’ve got an opportunity to get his back.

Sign up for campaign updates and see how you can help build on our progress.

Join us in the fight to keep building a better, more prosperous America. Are you in?


Are you nuts?  Do you want to help Obama/Biden “Build on his progress”?  What progress would that be, exactly?  Impoverishing America for the next 50 years?  Alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies?

I guess we could call it hopeless change.

Whoever is writing this drivel has a tin ear for public opinion.

“A better, more prosperous America”?  I think I know how we can help that happen.

Regime change in 2012.