Aug 24 2008

What They Say vs. What They Mean II

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California has enacted a law called “The Safely Surrendered Baby Law”. Mothers who give birth but do not want to keep the infant can simply drop their newborn off at any hospital or fire station and walk away. Los Angeles County has a public awareness program in conjunction with this law called “Safe Surrender – Don’t Abandon Your Baby”. LA county vehicles such as maintenance trucks and police squad cars can be seen sporting bumper stickers. And…

What they say: Don’t abandon your baby.

What they mean: A million and a half babies are aborted each year in our country, so it is no wonder we have come to place such a low value on human life. Rather than aborting babies, some women apparently would rather just carry them to term and then drop them in the nearest dumpster after they are born. This is bad, please don’t do that. Instead either have the abortion or leave it someplace safe after giving birth.

Does this offend you? I hope so. Is it so hard to see the connection between abortion and the value we place on life? In our quest to ensure a woman’s right to “choose”, is it possible unforeseen and undesirable societal consequences have resulted?

Oh, and by the way, leaving your baby in a “safe” place may not include hospitals in Barack Obama’s state – stay tuned!

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Aug 24 2008

Petraeus on the war. Subtext: we REALLY need a grown-up in the White House

Q&A: Gen. David Petraeus on Leaving Iraq | Newsweek Iraq War |

we have to be very careful, and we are with respect to Anbar. We know [the insurgents are] trying to come back in … and we have picked up a number of those individuals who have tried to come back in. And of course they attacked and killed several of our marines and sheiks in the attack [June 26 in Karmah, near Fallujah]. But the fact is that the level of violence in Anbar is the lowest in our recorded history, literally, the lowest of any of our data.

Read it all. Hope he enters politics someday. He seems to tell the unvarnished truth.

h/t: Michael Yon


Aug 24 2008

What They Say vs. What They Mean

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Here in California we have something called the “Flex Your Power” program. Here is their website self-description.

Flex Your Power is California’s statewide energy efficiency marketing and outreach campaign. Initiated in 2001, Flex Your Power is a partnership of California’s utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations working to save energy.

Part of the Flex Your Power program includes something called a “Flex Alert”. It is a public warning that we are getting dangerously close to overloading our energy grid, or as they put it, our energy reserves are getting low.

The reasons? What they say:

  • High peak demand
  • Unplanned generation outages or transmission problems
  • Adverse weather

What they mean:

Your federal, state, and local government has not been doing it’s job. In fact while we have been passing ridiculous laws about plastic grocery bags, Co2, and removing the words “mom” & “dad” from school textbooks our supply of energy has not kept up with demand. We will not admit we are abject failures in energy planning. Instead, we are blaming you and expecting you to make do with less energy though our lack of foresight and planning, along with a death-grip on us by the environmental wacko lobby, has put us all in this precarious position.

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