Aug 24 2008

What They Say vs. What They Mean II

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California has enacted a law called “The Safely Surrendered Baby Law”. Mothers who give birth but do not want to keep the infant can simply drop their newborn off at any hospital or fire station and walk away. Los Angeles County has a public awareness program in conjunction with this law called “Safe Surrender – Don’t Abandon Your Baby”. LA county vehicles such as maintenance trucks and police squad cars can be seen sporting bumper stickers. And…

What they say: Don’t abandon your baby.

What they mean: A million and a half babies are aborted each year in our country, so it is no wonder we have come to place such a low value on human life. Rather than aborting babies, some women apparently would rather just carry them to term and then drop them in the nearest dumpster after they are born. This is bad, please don’t do that. Instead either have the abortion or leave it someplace safe after giving birth.

Does this offend you? I hope so. Is it so hard to see the connection between abortion and the value we place on life? In our quest to ensure a woman’s right to “choose”, is it possible unforeseen and undesirable societal consequences have resulted?

Oh, and by the way, leaving your baby in a “safe” place may not include hospitals in Barack Obama’s state – stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “What They Say vs. What They Mean II”

  1. Teryn it Up says:

    Isn’t the hospital one of THE safest places for a newborn baby? And those girls who dump their babies in trash cans and dumpsters or on the street are ridiculous and its sad that our culture has first of all said pre-marital sex is awesome, and second of all has put this idea into the heads of young, impressionable girls who find out their pregnant and get so scared that they hide it then throw it away.

  2. enharmonic says:

    I have an observation. I have NEVER heard of a baby that has been left in one of these “safe” places. Have you? Like girls who get pregnant and decide to get rid of it after a full term birth have spent the last 9 months looking for a “safe” place to leave it? This is stupid liberalism at its best. (I think I just stumbled upon a new oxymoron)

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