Aug 26 2008

What’s In A Name (Caller)?

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The comments that follow are by no means based on scientific, analytical, mathematical or statistical methods. They are admittedly entirely anecdotal and personal, supported and substantiated by only my individual observation. Nevertheless…

I have read some blogs here and there. I have even left an occasional comment, but not many. Mostly I have written response comments concerning politics and political issues. I have even flown into the enemy’s lair (The Huffington Post), left a hurried comment while looking over my proverbial shoulder, and then run over to Rush Limbaugh’s website just to wash off!

Until lately most of what I’ve done that would pass for blogging is to write an occasional note on my Facebook page, usually trying to provoke thought in one or more students at the university where I teach.

But other than the aforementioned Facebook, where things generally remain civil because we all tend to know each other, I have had a fairly similar experience each time I engaged a liberal in written discussion. After trying to craft a cohesive, cogent statement about what I think and why I think it, I am rewarded with a response consisting of a couple paragraphs of name-calling, leftist pejorative cliches’ and downright hateful invective. in fact it happened tonight on good ol’ generally safe Facebook!

So, what is it with the rabid left? (And the dog metaphor really does work here) Many “hard-left” bloggers are like half-crazed dogs, having no desire to engage in even a greeting sniff or to acknowledge the presence of other breeds. They just want to mark their spot and move on. (Hey, wait a minute…move on, Wow!, you don’t suppose… nah, it couldn’t be!)

C’mon leftist friends, what are you afraid of – facts? persuasion? truth? a differing opinion that actually makes sense? How about trying a little persuasion. Make an argument, defend your position, and try not not to be so (yep, here it comes), “dog” matic!

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Aug 26 2008

Do we want the Rookie at bat in the bottom of the ninth with two outs?

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Obama is not the heavy hitter we need to deal with this.  Neither, will all due respect, is his pinch-hitter, who has a flashy looking swing, but simply misses the ball way too often.

A senior Iranian atomic official said Sunday that Iran has chosen the site for and started designing a new 360 megawatt nuclear power plant.

Iran has yet to complete construction of its first nuclear power plant and has previously sent conflicting signals about the state of work on a planned second plant. An Iranian official said this year construction work had already begun.

Can we have a show of hands for all of you who would like Obama to be the one we depend on to navigate the treacherous waters of Iran’s nuclear armament intentions?  This is not a misused cliche…  if Iran’s nuclear facilities are attacked, they plan to close the Strait of Hormuz.  They’ve been buying Russion Kilo-class subs to do it with, along with lots of land-based ship killer missiles from both Russia and China.  We’ll reopen it, of course….  but it will take some time, and will leave huge unresolved problems.  How does $250 per barrel of oil sound to you?

Personally, I’d like to be putting at bat a player with sufficient reputation that the opposing pitcher decides to walk him instead of just throwing fastballs at his head, followed by a change-up that leaves him whiffing.

This is the big-leagues, not celebrity baseball.

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