Aug 10 2008

To young, Christian Obama supporters

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Hugh Hewitt has written a pamphlet available online in either print or pdf form, called “Letter to a Young Obama Supporter“. It costs $6.00. If you’re a young Obama supporter, it likely contains information you’ve never heard, and should, if you really want to understand the issues.

In it, Hewitt focuses mainly on two issues, the economy and the Islamic terrorist threat. But first, he explains his understanding of why Obama is so attractive to young idealists, acknowledges Obama’s skill in delivering speeches, etc. He wants the twenty-somethings to understand that he “gets it”, the appeal of Obama and his “new kind of politician” image. Hewitt understands the excitement that millennials, perhaps the least racist generation in American history, have in seeing an African-American candidate get so far

He calculates, correctly, I think, that twenty-somethings who are already in Obama’s camp are probably not particulary concerned about abortion, gay marriage, Obama’s connections to black liberation theology, 1960s radical leftist American grown terrorists, corrupt local political fixers in the Chicago political machine, etc.

Not being quite as nice a person as Hewitt, I’ll just say that the young twenty-somethings are mostly ignorant of the association of black liberation theology with Communism (and the 100 million or so people murdered in Communism’s name in the 20th century). They are likely to know almost nothing about the phenomenon of radical leftist home-grown terrorists in the 1960s and 70s, and so won’t take seriously the fact that Obama associates with known conspirators to murder, assuming falsely that it is an exaggeration. (It is not.)

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