Aug 08 2008

Brutal Peace Lovers

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Signs on the back of a compact car in Riverside, California, Aug 7, 2008.

No War For Oil

War Is Not The Answer

Imagine World Peace

Bring Our Troops Home!

Proud Member ACLU

War Is Terrorism

Abolish The Death Penalty

There were more, but these are all I could remember.  And the last one (appropiately on the far left of the trunk lid as seen from behind the car):

Keep Abortion Legal

The Left is simply incoherent.  The lives of terrorists and assorted murderers matter more to the Left than the lives of the most innocent and powerless among us.  The level of moral confusion this represents is simply beyond belief, as is the inability of the bumper sticker driver to see the irony of having put Abolish The Death Penalty immediately adjacent to Keep Abortion Legal.

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