Aug 17 2008

Rick Warren, Obama and McCain, post mortem #1

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Having expressed my concerns about how Rick Warren would handle the Obama/McCain interview, I have to express my appreciation that Warren played it all pretty straight.  I do wish he had asked more follow-up questions when he got vague answers (Obama on abortion, both on exactly what they’d do about Darfur, quite a few more, etc.), but some of that is perhaps just limitations of the format.

The follow up on abortion I wish I’d heard for Obama: “Well, can we agree that when the baby is out of the womb it gets full human rights?”  And then move it back a day, and ask again.  And then another day, and ask again.

But Warren did well, and deserves credit for doing a service.

Side note:  Obama is really afraid of directly confronting McCain in a give and take discussion, which is why he’s avoided all the townhall meetings McCain suggested.  With only three debates, Obama is obviously hoping he can somehow slide through without dealing directly with tough follow up questions, and just let his natural charm work on the audience.  So he liked this format a great deal, I’m sure…  and McCain still made him look unformed and unsure.

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2 Responses to “Rick Warren, Obama and McCain, post mortem #1”

  1. flex says:

    Actually I think McCain was afraid than Obama. Obama gave thoughtful answers, while McCain gave stump speach lines and war stories to almost every single question. He was answering question before even Warren completed asking the question.

    I cannot wait to see both men side by side in a real debate. McCain will finally be exposed for the war monger he is.

  2. Rod 1 says:


    McCain seemed confident and forthright to me. He never hesitated for a moment! Obama stutters constantly while he is formulating his answer. It seems he has no carefully considered, thought out answer to these difficult questions, which he should have anticipated. I too can’t wait to see McCain obliterate Obama in open debate; the only way that wouldn’t be perceived by some is the likelihood the leftist media will put their spin on every thing that is said. (The pundits will spin the ball counter clockwise, most likely.) it’s all about experience, which McCain has in abundance. Obama basically has none! He just has charisma, which is an empty, useless attribute when it comes to operating as POTUS.

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