Aug 04 2011

Money Madness!!

Tum da de tum, here is another entry in the Powerline Prize contest. This one didn’t win anything, but it has the singular distinction of having been a project of my family, with my son, “A. Shack,” composing the rap and performing the song, my wife (Mrs. Miner) performing some pseudo “baby voices,” with some music production and amateur video editing from me, Harmonicminer.

You can see many more entries in the Powerline Blog YouTube Channel, along with Money Madness.

3 Responses to “Money Madness!!”

  1. kdippre says:

    Austin bears a rap resemblance to Bootsy Collins (p-funkadelic).

  2. harmonicminer says:

    Does that have anything to do with Boots Randolph?

  3. kdippre says:

    Had to look that one up (Yakety Sax?) No, that’s a different boots altogether….

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