Apr 30 2010

Another Simple Question

Category: energy,environmentamuzikman @ 8:55 am

There is a large oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico resulting from an oil rig explosion last week.  The mess is large, growing larger, and headed towards the US coastline.

When these disasters happen more than a few folks immediately jump up on their soapbox and denounce oil, drilling for oil, oil companies and everything else oil related except perhaps for Oil of Olay, and olive oil.  This is not to downplay the scope of the disaster, obviously oil spills cause a lot of damage.  But lest we forget…oil IS a natural resource.  But of course oil is not considered “green” in today’s world.

Wind energy, on the other hand,  is considered “green”.  It’s clean, renewable, and free for the taking.  Tornados are a type of wind. A recent tornado set down in Mississippi creating a swath of destruction almost a mile wide and killing ten people.

So, why isn’t anyone denouncing wind?

2 Responses to “Another Simple Question”

  1. Quett says:

    I assume because it is human interaction with oil that caused the spill, whereas windmills don’t contribute to causing tornadoes. I don’t know how often oil spills out naturally. It’s still a bad argument against oil, though.

  2. tonedeaf says:

    I remember the beaches in Santa Barbara, Ca in the early 1960’s when oil oozed up out of the ground naturally and made my feet a gooey mess. It was a lovely natural phenomenon. I bet Oprah and the Gore’s would love to get rid of those terrible oil platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel that now corral most of the tar. It would make it easier to tar and feather them.

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