Apr 10 2010

Shielding the guilty at Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Charged for Hiding Sexual Abuse Fires Staff

The Planned Parenthood abortion center that was placed on probation by the Alabama health department for hiding a potential case of sexual abuse recently fired three of its staffers. The center received a one year probation from state officials in February.

As LifeNews.com reported, an undercover video showed a staffer at Planned Parenthood telling a woman who appears to be a victim of statutory rape that “we bend the rules.”

The Birmingham Planned Parenthood counselor tells pro-life advocate Lila Rose, who pretends to be a 14-year-old statutory rape victim, that it “does sometimes bend the rules a little bit” rather than report sexual abuse to state authorities.

The video also showed a Planned Parenthood employee telling a woman posing as a teenager how she can evade the state’s parental consent law.

Of course, this is probably only the proverbial tip of the floating glacier.  In almost every state, a pregnant girl under age 18 is by definition a victim of statutory rape, at a minimum, if not worse.  That means that even in states without “parental consent” laws, a pregnant 16 yr old is automatic evidence of a crime, and aborting that girl’s unborn child is by definition hiding the evidence of a crime.  It is well known that in the majority of cases, even involving junior high age girls, the father is a legal adult, more often than not over age 20.  So all the “privacy” protects the father of the aborted child much more than it protects the mother, who is often a victim.

So:  in cases of incest, who do you think drives the victim to the abortion clinic?  Maybe step-dad?  Uncle Cyrus?  Or the mother of the victimized girl, not wanting to rock the boat with step-dad?  Or?

In any case, as with ACORN’s exposure by some intrepid investigative journalists, I’m pretty sure that if a similar “sting” operation were run on most Planned Parenthood clinics, we’d learn that many of them look the other way, and by default shield the predators taking advantage of young girls.

This means that in addition to not protecting teen age girls, and holding adult males responsible for their actions, current practice often compounds abuse with a lifetime of regret for the mother whose child is aborted.

Obama and Democrats want a “Freedom of Choice” act, that would undo in a stroke ALL the state laws that go a little ways towards protecting teen age girls, notably parental consent laws (not to mention late term abortion restrictions and the like).

One wonders why the Left wants to protect predators.

Maybe this would be a good topic for your Christian university’s next Justice Week.