Feb 16 2010

Jack Bauer, the ultimate AARP member

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 10:39 pm

I’ve commented recently on the incredibly peripatetic energizer-grandpa, Jack Bauer, on Fox’s TV show “24.”

Tonight has gotten really ridiculous.  After being stabbed and tortured with electrical shock, our later-middle-aged grandpa manages to grab the electric prod with his feet, hold it the chest of his torturer, rendering him unconscious, and then, with bound feet (!) and bound wrists (!) he does an incredible ab-toning move to get his feet above the pipe he’s hanging from, wriggles down the pipe, manages to break it loose, fall to the floor, and, still bound, hop-scotch over to the waking torturer and break his neck.

The show is turning into a caricature of itself.  I mean, he’s Jack Bauer, not Batman…  or the Shadow.

Maybe he has a secret stash of X-Kryptonite.

Temporary super-powers seems to be the only explanation.

Feb 16 2010

As it turns out, it’s truth that is inconvenient!

Category: Biden,Obama,politicsamuzikman @ 9:00 am

Our Vice President is at it again:  Just what kind of person does it take to trash and disparage the war in Iraq at every turn, then claim credit for its success?  Apparently for Joe there is no statement too outrageous, too inconsistent or too false.  But then truth is truly just a matter of inconvenience when you are a politician in power.

Our President is at it again as well.  Apparently there is no campaign promise too big or too small that cannot be broken.  But when you believe you are “the one” I suppose promises mean only what you need them to mean at the moment.  Am I the only one who remembers the oft-spoken Obama promise of no new taxes for those who make less than $250,00 a year?