Feb 15 2010

You’re on your own

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3 Seattle bus tunnel guards watch brutal beating

A 15-year-old girl who was badly beaten and robbed in a Seattle bus tunnel as three unarmed security guards looked on told investigators that she thought the men would protect her.

The statements were revealed in court papers filed Wednesday against the teen girl accused of attacking her and the three young men accused of stealing her purse, phone and iPod. The four were all charged with first-degree robbery.

The victim told a King County sheriff’s detective that the group followed her from a nearby department store into the bus tunnel at Westlake Station on Jan. 28, and she deliberately stood next to the three guards.

The guards didn’t intervene, though. They have standing orders to “observe and report,” so they called police but did nothing else as another 15-year-old girl punched and repeatedly kicked the victim in the head.

Get used to it. Think about what it means. Consider your options. No one is likely to help you when you need it most. It’s all up to you.  So stay out of situations if you can…  and decide what you will do if you cannot.  You won’t have time then to think through it.

The USA isn’t quite as bad as Britain…  yet, anyway.  It’s still legal to defend yourself.

Mostly.   If you’re not too effective at it.