Feb 07 2010

A Green fantasy: Police enforcement powers

Category: Uncategorizedsardonicwhiner @ 7:42 pm

I was watching the Superbowl. Drinking soda from an aluminum can. And this ad comes on:

Some of us have been warning for some time now that the Greens are the new fascists…. well, make that the old fascists, with a new propaganda twist.

Just to stick it to the man, I tossed my aluminum can into the trash.

UPDATE:  Did you see the smug expression on the Audi driver’s face as he was allowed to drive on?  Yeech.

Feb 07 2010

Climate change on Pluto?

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 9:38 am

Hubble sees Pluto changing color, ice sheet cover

Newly released Hubble Space Telescope photos show Pluto is changing color and its ice sheets are shifting. That’s got astronomers surprised.

The photos paint a Pluto that is significantly redder than it had been for the past several decades. To the layman, it has a yellow-orange hue, the color of molasses, but astronomers say it has about 20 percent more red than it used to have.

The pictures show nitrogen ice growing and shrinking, getting brighter in the north and darker in the south. Astronomers say Pluto is changing more than the surfaces of other bodies in the solar system. That’s surprising because a season lasts 120 years in some regions of Pluto.

Probably due to too many Plutonians burning fossil fuels.