Oct 13 2008

Last chance for McCain

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Dick Morris thinks there is still time for the public to become aware of the terrible alliances (not mere associations) Obama has had in the past, and still has, if the market settles down and stabilizes just a bit.

A man whose spiritual adviser is Wright, whose financial backer is Tony Rezko, and whose first major employer was William Ayers might not be a good choice for president. But for these associations to loom large enough in our consciousness to impact our vote, the market has to settle down so we can hear the campaign over its din.

Maybe that day is today, just in time for the debates.

The Dow Jones industrial average rebounded more than 500 points today as Wall Street snapped back from last week’s devastating losses after major governments announced further steps to support the global banking system, including plans by the U.S. Treasury to buy stocks of some banks. All the major indexes rose well over 6 percent.

The hope on the Street was that the market was finding a bottom after eight sessions of devastating losses that sent the Dow down nearly 2,400 points. But while a rebound had been expected at some point, Wall Street can expect to see volatile, back-and-forth trading in the coming days and weeks as investors work through their concerns about the banking sector, the stagnant credit markets and the overall economy.

But the market did appear to take heart when the Bush administration said it is moving quickly to implement its $700 billion rescue program, including consulting with law firms about the mechanics of buying ownership shares in a broad number of banks to help revive the stagnant credit markets and in turn get the economy moving again.

My opinion, for what it’s worth:

McCain has to go for the jugular. He has to be absolutely tough, and absolutely focused on Obama’s serious failings and past relationships, and current tax intentions. If McCain puts in another performance like the last debate, where he failed to directly challenge a great many Obama misrepresentations, and failed to directly challenge Obama’s personal fitness to be president, if he still keeps saying how much he “respects” Senator Obama, and doesn’t highlight the radical nature of Obama’s plans, the election is essentially over.

If the market just stays even tomorrow, or advances, so that McCain can be “heard over the din” in Morris’ phrase, he still has to say something worth hearing. It has to be strong, tough, sharp, and unrelenting.

He has to look like, sound like, and BE that tough fighter that he is, and not be afraid to look aggressive and sure of himself.

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