Oct 18 2008

Tolerating the intolerable

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In George Will’s article on the travails of the Anglican communion, the shrinkage of the American Episcopalians and British Anglicans, accompanied by the growth of the African communions, is described as centering most obviously on the issue of ordaining gay clergy, but more fundamentally on the interpretation of scripture and adherence to tradition. Some key graphs:


It is not the secessionists such as Duncan who are, as critics charge, obsessed with homosexuality. The Episcopal Church’s leadership is latitudinarian — tolerant to the point of incoherence, Duncan and kindred spirits think — about clergy who deviate from traditional church teachings concerning such core doctrines as the divinity of Christ, the authority of scripture and the path to salvation. But the national church insists on the ordination of openly gay clergy and on blessing same-sex unions.

In the 1960s, Bishop James Pike of California, who urged the church to jettison such “theological baggage” as the doctrines of Original Sin and the Trinity, was the last active bishop disciplined for theological reasons. Duncan doubts whether Pike would be disciplined today.

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Oct 18 2008

The crisis of American democracy

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A weird mixture of fact and fancy. You really can’t make this stuff up.

First, let us establish, dear reader, the fact that the United States of America was never meant nor created as a Democracy. The word, as a matter of fact, never appears in any of the original documents of the Founding Fathers of America. Nor in their writings, which if anything, take democracy in a very poor light. So to see that America is now a democracy is to show that as a nation it’s government is a hypocrisy and out right lie, an illegality that is no longer based on a constitution but on the whim of a small and all powerful elite.

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