Oct 16 2008

Joe for president: UPDATE

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UPDATE:  So, the raving lunatics at Daily Kos are, predictably, attacking Joe the Plumber.  So much for being on the side of “working class families”.

It seems to trouble these nitwits that Joe is actually his middle name.  It’s as if they think someone whose legal name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, who chooses to go by “Joe”, must be somehow deceptive.  This is really funny coming from a crowd half of whom use ONLY a first initial, then a middle name and last name.  You know, things like J. Pingpong Pierpants, and the like.

So what’s wrong with going by “Joe”?  The nutroots don’t say…  but they find it “veddy, veddy suspicious”.

But there is even more horror in Joe’s deception.  He doesn’t even have a plumber’s license!  He’s not a member of the plumber’s union!  So they say he isn’t really a “plumber”.

This is classic.  In the world of the Left, if you aren’t part of the collective, you don’t exist, have no function, and possess no identity.  You’re simply nobody.  Joe doesn’t NEED the license at this point, under Ohio law, because he works for someone else who has one.  Simple as that.  But, you see, he isn’t REALLY a plumber, because he doesn’t have his union card.  Imagine that: practicing piping without a license.  Simply criminal!  And more proof Joe is not to be trusted.

And then, the final straw:  Joe owes back taxes!  The Daily Kos calls him a tax cheat.  One can only wonder what we’d discover if we had access to all the tax records of Kos diarists…  but in the meantime, I thought a tax cheat was someone who avoided paying in some illegal way, not simply someone who was officially behind, and working on it.  Not good enough for Kos:  if you aren’t caught up on donating blood to the collective, you’re a bad little worker bee, and had better drain a few more ounces, right now.

What this is, of course, is the same kind of treatment Sarah Palin got, minus the sexist references that the “feminists” on the Left thought it appropriate to hurl at the single most popular Governor in the USA, who got to her position on her own, without piggy-backing on her husband’s name, purely on her own guts, drive and intelligence.

It sounds to me like Joe has those same characteristics, which is why, of course, the Left will do its best to destroy him, as soon as possible.  They’re only for “working people” who salute properly, line up for the dole in good order, and don’t get uppity.

Resistance is futile.

I am really impressed with Joe the Plumber.  Do you notice how clear he is?  How easy to understand?  How unflappable?  Calm in the storm?

This guy should run for office.

Why don’t our politicians sound this?  Simple.   They’re mostly trying to hide what they really think, so they stumble around trying to figure out how to keep you from finding out what they believe, down deep.

Joe just speaks from the heart, out of his worldview, without reservation.

“Joe the Plumber” Calls Obama a Socialist for his “Spread the Wealth” Comment on Fox Nexs

UPDATE:  This is not, of course, the first time plumbers have affected elections.

UPDATE:  Here’s Michelle Malkin’s take.

Then, suddenly, the journalists who wouldn’t lift a finger to investigate Obama’s longtime relationships with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright sprang into action rifling through citizen Joe Wurzelbacher’s tax records. Politico.com reported breathlessly: “Samuel J. Wurzelbacher has a lien placed against him to the tune of $1,182.92. The lien is dated from January of ’07.” Press outlets probed his divorce records. The local plumbers union, which has endorsed Obama, claimed he didn’t do their required apprenticeship work and didn’t have a license to work outside his local township.

Hang him!

After Wurzelbacher told Katie Couric that Obama’s rhetorical tap dance was “almost as good as Sammy Davis, Jr.,” the inevitable cries of “bigotry” followed. (There are now tens of thousands of hits on the Internet for “Joe the Plumber racist.”)

Welcome to Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome. If you can’t beat him, smear him. It’s the Obama way.

Oct 16 2008


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During the debate Obama mentioned to John McCain “some of the rallies that your running mate was holding, in which all the Republican reports indicated were shouting, when my name came up, things like ‘terrorist’ and ‘kill him,’ and that your running mate didn’t mention, didn’t stop, didn’t say, ‘Hold on a second, that’s kind of out of line.'”

But it didn’t happen.

Despite the huge media hubub that it’s caused, the U.S. Secret Service is formally denying an allegation from a Pennsylvania newspaper that an attendee at a Republican rally shouted out “kill him” in reference to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

“We have yet to find someone to back up the story,” agent Bill Slavoski told the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader. “We had people all over and we have yet to find anyone who said they heard it.”

The alleged remark was first reported by David Singleton, a writer for the Scranton Times-Tribune newspaper. Singleton remains the sole person claiming he heard the offensive words:

Remember, it would be a point of honor for the Secret Service to identify ANY threat to the candidate.

Maybe David Singleton was auditioning for a job with the Obama campaign, er, I mean the New York Times.

UPDATE:  A reader emails, “And since the ravening crowd wasn’t calling for Obama’s death after all, can we please leave Barabbas in prison?”


Oct 16 2008

Censorship of “The Path to 9/11” TV miniseries: new film tells the story

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A new documentary film has been made about another film, “The Path to 9/11“, a TV two part mini-series on events leading up to the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.  The new film is called “Blocking ‘The Path to 9/11‘ “, and was made by commentator John Ziegler, author of the book “The Death of Free Speech“.  The new film is about the pressure put on ABC to cancel the film, and on the film-makers of “The Path to 9/11” to change the film to remove the most damaging references to politicians, especially the Clintons and Democrats.  There is no record of pressure being applied by the Bush administration to cancel or change the film, despite certain unflattering aspects of the portrayal of Condi Rice and others in “The Path to 9/11”.

Click the link below to see the trailer, etc.

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