Oct 28 2008

Potpouri #3

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Beldar on media bias.

And more confirmation of the LATime’s complete dishonesty.

And a rare case of a newspaper actually reporting something negative about the Dems, on smearing Joe the Plumber.

And my great sadness at the moral blindness of the state where much of my family comes from.

And more evidence that Bush isn’t Hitler after all, or he would have stopped the ATF from saving Obama.  Bush Derangement Syndrome alert:  look for someone at DailyKos suggesting that it was a Bush PLOT all along.

I’m sure the local community of, uh, ladies of the night is gearing up for a large infusion of income.  If past Democrat Conventions are any guide, at least.

Oct 28 2008

Proposition 8 – in plain english

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Proposition 8 in plain english


Oct 28 2008

Read it and weep

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I haven’t agreed with Pat Buchanan about everything, not by a long shot, but in this article, he succinctly lists the likely outcome of the first year of an Obama presidency. This is not wild-eyed speculation. Rather, it’s all based on specific statements, plans, platforms, resolutions, agendas, etc., of the Democrat Party. If you haven’t heard about some of this, it’s because you haven’t been paying attention, and are lulled by the main-stream media. Every bit of it is documented as the intent of Democrat politicians now in national office, and those running for it. An Obama presidency and a filibuster proof Democrat Senate guarantees that most of what you read below the fold will happen.

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Oct 28 2008

Another fake crime report

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The Israeli who claimed, falsely, to have been attacked by a couple of knife wielding Arabs really should have carved a big M (for Muhammed) into his face, like the recently faked incident in the USA where a women claimed a black man carved a B (for Barack) into her face.  Maybe then someone would have believed him.   There goes the neighborhood.

The young Jewish man who claimed he was attacked by two Arabs Monday night in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood made the story up, police said Tuesday morning.

The man had claimed the Arabs tried to stab him and that they took flight after he brandished a stick. However, police said no such incident occurred.

Police said it was unclear why the man fabricated the attack.

It comes after two recent stabbing attacks in the capital perpetrated by Arab terrorists.

We’re still waiting, of course, for all the reports in the Palestinian press about Hamas and Fatah faking attacks by Israeli special forces, blowing up buildings and claiming it was air-dropped Israeli bombs, etc.