Oct 09 2008

I Believe vs. I Know

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There is currently, in easy reach of just about anyone, a growing body of information concerning Citizen Obama, his history, his allies and his core beliefs.  More than a little of this information is of a nature to create concern among many.  The fact that this information is so slowly coming to light should be of concern to those who rely on the so-called “main stream media” for most of their information about the presidential candidates.  The fact this information is seeing the light of day at all is a testament to the crucial role played by the so-called “new media”.

Nevertheless this information does exist, it is readily accessible and should be examined, just as the same information about McCain should be and has been scrutinized.

What is most disturbing about Obama supporters is their willingness to continue supporting their candidate not because of the facts but in spite of them.  It’s getting pretty hard to ignore Citizen Obama’s past, a past containing healthy portions of Socialism, Radicalism, ultra-left Liberalism, Chicago-style dirty politics, a la Richard Daley, and alliances with some other, shall we say, “interesting” people.

But this does not matter to many supporters of Obama because he has their vote based not on knowledge but belief.  Obama’s supporters believe he can bring change – and the operative word is ‘believe”. Many voters believe Obama is the change we need and as such they cannot be persuaded by facts.  I remain convinced that few could point to anything in the record of Obama as the reason he has their support.  To them it is a “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” belief in an as yet unseen and hoped-for future rather than an informed judgment based on facts.

In contrast we have John McCain.  Everyone has a great deal of knowledge about McCain and some people will readily admit their reticence about voting for him precisely because of what they do know.  Say what you will about him, (he wasn’t my first choice either) with McCain you KNOW what you are getting.

I believe it’s better to know. I know it’s not good to select a president simply on what I believe.

May I humbly suggest you believers get to know the man in whom you place so much hope, trust and belief BEFORE you enter the voting booth.

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Oct 09 2008

Voter fraud is standard Democrat strategy

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Power Line: “Is Acorn Stealing the Election?”

Click the link above and read.  And weep.  And hope.

Oct 09 2008

Farrakhan: OBAMA the Messiah

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Let’s see, that means Obama is more or less endorsed by Hamas, the Communist Party USA, and the Nation of Islam led by Loopy Louie. Oh yeah: and also by unrepentant former terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn.

Just lovely. What’s next? An endorsement from Putin?

Oct 09 2008

The Chicago Democrats’ dirty little non-secret

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Obama’s political and professional alliance with Bill Ayers, unrepentant terrorist, has not gotten nearly the coverage it deserves in the media.   In what little coverage there is, the story seems to stop at the discusssion of whether Obama knew Ayers well, whether, or when, Obama knew that Ayers was a terrorist, how close the alliance between them was, etc.  These are all important questions, and Obama has given different answers at different times, all evasive.

What’s missing in the discussion is the simple fact that Ayers’ past was well known to the entire Chicago Democrat political machine. Ayers had been given the Citizen of the Year Award by the city of Chicago (read, Mayor Daley) in 1997.  Everyone in the Chicago political machine (in which Obama was a card carrying member) knew all about Ayers.  If Obama didn’t (unbelievable, but just for the sake of argument), everyone around him DID know, and thought it not important enough to mention to Obama.  It reveals all we need to know about the nature of the Chicago political machine, and about what members of that machine thought would matter to Obama.  But, of course, he knew all about it.  It’s just funny that his campaign thinks that claiming he didn’t lets him off the hook.

This tells us a few things.

The CULTURE of Chicago Democrat machine politics is radical to its core.  Can you imagine, say, Tulsa, Oklahoma giving a Citizen of the Year Award to an unrepentant terrorist who said, “We didn’t do enough.”?  (After all, Ayers only tried to blow up government buildings in other cities…  it would be different if he’d tried to blow up something in Chicago.)  This tells us that Obama is a favorite son of, honestly, a pretty sick political machine.

Obama made his political bones IN that culture, by being a good member of it, agreeing with its principles and procedures, etc.  Obama had no problems with it, never fought it, was never a “maverick” or a “unifier” across party lines, etc.  He was always, first and foremost, a party man, in a city where that party was seriously bent and famously corrupt.

A President Obama is all too likely, especially with a Democrat Senate doing the approvals, to appoint radical, radical people in important jobs.  It would be bad enough for him to recycle political hacks from the Clinton or Carter administrations.  But there is every chance that he will appoint a Secretary of Defense whose main impulse is to build DOWN the military, saddle it with impossible rules of engagement, use it as a further testing ground for all kinds of social engineering, etc., with military effectiveness being the last consideration.  His Secretary of State will have the happy job of giving away the store.  His Secretary of the Treasury (not likely to be Warren Buffet, despite the last debate), will probably help guarantee there is little store to give away.  I don’t even want to think what his other appointments would be like, but former ACORN membership is probably the least of our problems.

And given his union commitments, and his obvious willingness to play political hardball, there is no chance that he and a Democrat Congress won’t enact a “fairness doctrine” that will attempt to cripple Right leaning talk radio, and an end to secret union balloting, that will allow unions to pressure individuals to vote the union’s way.

Make no mistake.  This isn’t just a little gerrymandering to jigger the voting districts favorably.  The Left plans to permanently alter the face of American politics by creating such structural imbalances in the system that the center-Right can never catch up.  If they can make enough people dependent on government for their daily bread, and silence the rest, the game is over, and the American experiment in constitutional republican democracy will be finished, even if it continues in name.

And it will have come out of Chicago’s political machine, where more murders were committed in the last 6 months than the death rate of American soldiers in Baghdad in the same timeframe.  I’m sure they’ll do a wonderful job of running the nation.

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