Oct 24 2008

I wish Fred could have debated Obama

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From the candidate we might have had, if the early primary states had closed primaries (i.e., if you had to be registered for a party to vote for its candidate) and none were caucus states, Fred Thompson speaks eloquently:

It’s time for those of us who are concerned about our nation’s future to focus on what is at stake in this year’s elections. This is a time of great challenge for our country. We know that somewhere in the world our worst enemies either have, or are trying to get their hands on, the most dangerous weapons known to man. Small rogue nations are developing nuclear weapons and threaten our allies. Large nations are engaged in massive military buildups.
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Oct 24 2008

Palestinian newspaper editorial calls for better protection for Israelis: “Criminal Neglect” of Palestinian police

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In a sign of the growing freedom of the press in Palestine, a newspaper editorial has criticized the “criminal neglect” of the Palestinian police in failing to protect Israel’s citizens from Palestinian toughs.

Here’s more.

As happens every …. holiday, tens of thousands … accepted the … invitation to take their families to visit olive groves across the country. Many participated in the harvest celebrations and heard the tale of the olive tree, the symbol of peace. And as happens every year when the olive harvest begins, dozens of youths set out…. to confront their …. neighbors. They also threatened human rights activists who volunteered to help the harvesters and beat a photographer who came to document the Sukkot riots.

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