Oct 15 2008

Digesting the debate

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I think McCain “won”, but on points, not by knockout.  Every time he had his opponent on the ropes or reeling, he seemed to back off just short of the final blow to end the bout.  There is some wierd way in which McCain is just too nice, too much of a gentleman, too sportsmanlike, almost, to simply do the deed.  It’s almost as if he is content to demonstrate his mastery of his opponent without ending the match.

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Oct 15 2008

Hired the wrong attorney

Category: humorharmonicminer @ 2:13 pm

Maybe he should have hired Boston Legal lawyers to defend him.


Oct 15 2008

Boston Legal/Shatner trailer follow up

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If you didn’t see it yet, go here and watch the video!  Then continue below for some thoughts.

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Oct 15 2008

Jews for Obama? Holy Moley

Category: election 2008,Israel,Obama,politics,terrorismharmonicminer @ 10:52 am

I’ve never understood why American Jews are so much more likely to vote Left than Right. I suspect it has something to do with the success of STALIN’s public relations ploy to distance himself from fascists, whom he deeply resembled, by inventing the notion that fascism is from the extreme RIGHT, while socialism is from the extreme LEFT.  Jews can hardly be blamed for wanting to vote for candidates as far from fascism as possible, and I fear most do not know that they’ve essentially fallen for a Stalinist labeling system.  What they fail to appreciate is that fascism and socialism have in common super-authoritative statism, and are more alike than different.  The American academic establishment, which has large Jewish representation, has been happy to continue this fraud, implying that people on the Right are somehow closer to Hitler than people on the Left, while always denying that, on that scale, they must be closer to Stalin.  Only super-authoritative states can carry out genocides on the grand scale.  And Stalin’s treatment of Jews was hardly gentle, was it?
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Oct 15 2008

Dressing for success in Mexico

Category: Mexicoharmonicminer @ 9:34 am

In Mexico, a boutique caters to the fearful high-fashion crowd with bullet proof clothing of all kinds.

There is a whole lot of shooting going on in Mexico today. Every day, the papers are full of victims, bodies lying out in grotesque poses with bullet wounds all about. Some are garden-variety crime victims, but the drug cartels that control much of the Mexican countryside are behind the overwhelming majority. They pay off politicians and police officers and act as shadow governments in town after town along their transit routes. Cross them, and they do not hesitate to pull the trigger.

The rash of drug violence, together with a surge in kidnappings for ransom, has shaken everyday Mexicans. Ask a stranger for directions on the street these days, and fear is the first emotion that crosses the person’s face. He or she might recover enough to describe how to go this way or that.

Studies have shown that more and more anxious Mexicans are pouring their money into defensive measures. Families and businesses across Mexico invest $18 billion in private security measures, a recent study by the Center for Economic Studies of the Private Sector found. Some people are trying to get their hands on weapons, which are tightly regulated here but widely available on the black market. To some, bulletproof fashion is the logical next step.

I could use some of this brand of haute couture myself. I go to faculty meetings. I have in-laws. I even go to Costco.

Weapons in Mexico are “tightly regulated but widely available on the black market”, and people are getting shot constantly, thus proving just how well gun control actually works.

In the meantime, Mexico’s government is so corrupt, at all levels, that I see no solution in sight that doesn’t involve a major revolution of some kind.

What I do know is that the USA can’t solve Mexico’s problems for it, and keeping illegal immigration fairly easy simply enables Mexico to maintain the status quo.