Oct 09 2008

I Believe vs. I Know

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There is currently, in easy reach of just about anyone, a growing body of information concerning Citizen Obama, his history, his allies and his core beliefs.  More than a little of this information is of a nature to create concern among many.  The fact that this information is so slowly coming to light should be of concern to those who rely on the so-called “main stream media” for most of their information about the presidential candidates.  The fact this information is seeing the light of day at all is a testament to the crucial role played by the so-called “new media”.

Nevertheless this information does exist, it is readily accessible and should be examined, just as the same information about McCain should be and has been scrutinized.

What is most disturbing about Obama supporters is their willingness to continue supporting their candidate not because of the facts but in spite of them.  It’s getting pretty hard to ignore Citizen Obama’s past, a past containing healthy portions of Socialism, Radicalism, ultra-left Liberalism, Chicago-style dirty politics, a la Richard Daley, and alliances with some other, shall we say, “interesting” people.

But this does not matter to many supporters of Obama because he has their vote based not on knowledge but belief.  Obama’s supporters believe he can bring change – and the operative word is ‘believe”. Many voters believe Obama is the change we need and as such they cannot be persuaded by facts.  I remain convinced that few could point to anything in the record of Obama as the reason he has their support.  To them it is a “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” belief in an as yet unseen and hoped-for future rather than an informed judgment based on facts.

In contrast we have John McCain.  Everyone has a great deal of knowledge about McCain and some people will readily admit their reticence about voting for him precisely because of what they do know.  Say what you will about him, (he wasn’t my first choice either) with McCain you KNOW what you are getting.

I believe it’s better to know. I know it’s not good to select a president simply on what I believe.

May I humbly suggest you believers get to know the man in whom you place so much hope, trust and belief BEFORE you enter the voting booth.

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Sep 24 2008

Opinions Are Like Noses, Everybody’s Got One!

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Someone recently remarked they were somewhat surprised by how unyielding and inelastic the opinions on this blog seem to be.  I think the statement was in reference to Barack Obama.  This person said they were surprised that Obama never received much of a break, the benefit of the doubt, or even the smallest nod of positive expectation, (the word “unfair” was actually never spoken).

I think this person’s observation is pretty accurate. But, it should be noted it is not because conservative mantra is chanted here, there are no Republican talking-points and we do not engage in group Kool-Aid toasting. These are individually formed opinions.  They are also informed opinions.

It’s OK to form an opinion, The very word “form” refers to a process: gathering information, investigating various points of view, then filtering them through the prism of life experience to arrive at a conclusion.  Two people can view the same facts and form two entirely different opinions, and that’s OK too.  But the opinions expressed here are considered and fact-based.  (if not, PLEASE feel free to have at us!)

But the conversation did get me to thinking… How could I, an admitted conservative, demonstrate giving Obama “a little slack” as it were?  How can I “reach across the aisle” in the name of fairness?

Perhaps individual liberty could be co-mingled with a dose of Marxism.  For example, one might have the freedom to pursue the American dream, but only to a point.  After reaching a certain level of wealth – that level to be determined by the government – you will have all “extra” money taken from you and given to someone else who didn’t work for it like you did.

Maybe a strong pro-life stance could be balanced with a nod to the pro-abortionists – some sort of mutually acceptable quota perhaps.  After all, If we can just get those botched-abortion live baby killings down to a bare bones minimum….well, that would be a compromise, wouldn’t it?

Rather than immediately bring our troops all the way home from Iraq, we can just put them somewhere close by in case they might be needed later.

Since so many seem to have discovered a Constitutional “right” to healthcare, and since we strict Constitutionalists do get a bee in our bonnet about “original intent” lets just go for the simple solution in this case. Someone grab a black Sharpie pen and simply write in “universal, government-paid healthcare” on the original document, say between the 16th and 17th amendment.

Taxes? Another easy one.  Simplification of the tax code is all that’s required.  Let’s go to a flat tax system....

These are just a few preliminary proposals. I’m sure with just a little thought you too can find ways to be a little less dogmatic and a little more open and inclusive of other ideas.  Guaranteed to keep you from forming an actual opinion.

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