Feb 09 2009

Bush’s AIDS initiative, for which he doesn’t get enough credit

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Even Obama admits that Bush did more to fight AIDS in Africa than any other US president, by a very large margin. But that isn’t enough to keep Obama from firing the man Bush tapped to lead the charge.

Bush HIV/AIDS Czar Canned in Political Blunder | Politics | Christianity Today

Late last week, while pro-life evangelicals and other conservatives were rightly watching the moves of the Obama administration regarding the so-called Mexico City policy, other events were unfolding at the State Department, where Ambassador Mark Dybul, head of PEPFAR, the much lauded program to fight HIV in Africa, was given one day to clean out his office.

More at the link, including pointing out that part of the reason may be because Bush’s approach included teaching abstinence as an AIDS prevention measure.

Can’t have that, don’t you know.

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