Feb 20 2009


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I know just how they feel. I attend faculty meetings.

Misery loves company.

Feb 20 2009

Keeping America Safe

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It’s time to get serious about fighting terrorism, and also ending violence in our schools.

Feb 20 2009

Can it happen again?

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Vichy government found responsible for deporting Jews in WWII

France’s top judicial body on Monday recognized the French government’s responsibility for the deportation of Jews during World War II, the clearest such recognition to date of the state’s role in the Holocaust.

The Council of State found that the government of Nazi-occupied France at the time held the responsibility for deportations that led to anti-Semitic persecution

The decision released on Monday also found that the deportation had been compensated for since 1945, apparently ruling out any reparations for deportees or their families.
Thousands of Jews were deported from France to Nazi death camps during the occupation. After the war, subsequent French governments took decades to acknowledge any role played by the collaborationist Vichy regime in the Holocaust.

Europe is busy bending over backwards to accommodate the Islamic immigrants (and second and third generations of same) that have been used to support European socialism, in the absence of a sufficient birthrate of traditional Europeans to keep the trains running and fund entitlements.

Can any objective observer believe that Europe is less likely to target Jews, or simply allow them to be targeted by Islamic anti-Semites, than it would have been if the slow Islamic invasion hadn’t occurred?  The facts belie any optimisim in the matter:  Jews are being targeted now, and the various states do little except public hand-wringing.

The virulent disdain in which the state of Israel is held by Europe is a mask for something uglier, and not so political as personal, I fear.

If I was a European Jew, I’d get outta Dodge now.  It’s 1933, and the clock is ticking.  A war is coming, not one that really involves Jews directly (being but a continuance of the siege of Vienna in 1683) , but one in which too many of them will be casualties of convenience, and contempt.

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Feb 20 2009

Holder should hold his fire

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Nation of Cowards? by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 19 February 2009

Nation of Cowards?
So says Eric Holder, but what’s really cowardly is racial dishonesty.

Read it all.

Feb 20 2009

Killing presidents for fun and profit?

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A cartoon in the New York Post that compared the people who wrote the stimulus bill to a crazy, violent monkey (who was shot by police) has been interpreted by the usual suspects as referring to Obama, despite the fact that he didn’t write the stimulus bill, Pelosi, Reid and company did. All Obama really did was sign it. But the victimology crowd is claiming the Post is advocating violence towards the president with comments like this:

NY Post apologizes — to some — over monkey cartoon

Some protesters said the cartoon not only underscored racist tropes but even suggested that Obama should be shot.

“Since when can you call for the killing of the president of the United States?” demanded City Councilman Charles Barron.

Obviously, this is ridiculous on its face.  The Post made no reference to Obama, who did not write the stimulus bill, and when African-American professional victims take umbrage at jokes involving a monkey, all they do is perpetuate a risible stereotype that dates from a bygone era (thankfully) and is simply no longer on anyone’s mind…  except theirs, it would seem.

Anyway, apparently Councilman Barron doesn’t know about this.

Or this.

Or this.

I didn’t bother to dig up all the links, but there have been books, plays, films and artwork about killing President Bush, both in the US and overseas.

And you’ll pardon my suspicion that even if Mr. Barron did know about them, he wouldn’t be too troubled by it.

Can crocodile tears be so huge that someone can drown in them?