Feb 08 2009

Words that rhyme with stimulus… sort of

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Words and phrases that rhyme with stimulus (well…  sort of).

under the bus —  Where Obama has thrown all his big talk about new energy investment making the USA energy independent in ten years.  No nuclear.  No exploration.  No drilling.  No tens or hundreds of billions for research into alternate energy sources.  No “Manhattan project” for energy.  (If not now, when?)  Nothing but overpriced “green” cars for the government that no one else can buy, or wants to.

incubus —  Don’t open your door to strangers, whether or not they claim to be elected.

succubus —  Ditto.

upper crust —  What all the congress critters think they are

full of pus —  Well, the “stimulus” does stink, to put it politely.

makes me cuss
—  when I think about how much my kids and grandkids will spend paying back this payoff to Democrat-supporting special interest groups.

In God We Trust —  But for some folks, not lately.

money lust —  ’nuff said

no muss no fuss —  Obama’s idea of “bi-partisanship” is “give me what I want because I won the election.”

tremulous —  The feeling I have when I think about how disastrous the “stimulus” plan is for our future.

C++ —  The object oriented computer programming language that will be used to calculate how much money the stimulus will REALLY cost.  Consider:  when you buy a house over thirty years you may pay as much as three times the actual cost of the house when you include interest on the loan, at common interest rates.  More, much more, if the rates go up.  The stimulus package is going to cost two or three times its face value before it’s paid back.  In essence, we’re “borrowing” (well, stealing) a couple trillion from our kids and grandkids so we can have congress give away a trillion today.

There’s no rush
—  to pay it back.  So they want us to believe.

minibus —  what I’ll have left to live in when it’s all over.  I call shotgun.

moondust —  the street name for the substance some of our congress creeps have been ingesting?

necklace —  The very latest in multicultural jewelry.  But you have to buy extra carbon credits to wear it….  or give it as a gift.

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