Feb 03 2009

Spielberg, where are you?

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In American film, religious figures are mocked, accused of every conceivable crime and misdeed, and generally presented as being just below used car salesmen in moral character.  (Pretty much the only celluloid life-form lower than a priest or minister is a Pentagon General.)   But a Russian film producer apparently disagrees.

A Russian TV producer said on Thursday he was launching a “There is God” advertising campaign in London to counter atheist posters that were displayed on buses in January.

The British Humanist Association (BHA) raised 140,000 pounds ($200,000) to place slogans reading “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” on 800 buses. Religious organizations and believers organized protests, but advertising regulators said it was not in conflict with any laws.

….Russian TV producer, Alexander Korobko, …signed a contract with CBS Outdoor to put “There is God” posters on 25 London double-deckers from March 9. The posters will have photographs of a Russian monastery on them.

So, the question:  can anyone name a Hollywood producer who is actually funding public service messages in favor of belief in God?

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3 Responses to “Spielberg, where are you?”

  1. jawg22 says:

    i’m working on it. i’m actually working on my second million to fund such a project…i gave up on the first million.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    Can I star as the wise, irascible but kindly priest? Oh, wait, forget that… I’d have to be celibate.

  3. enharmonic says:

    Wouldn’t a campaign on busses to advocate God be a violation of the very first words in the U.S. Constitution, “No positive reference to God shall ever be allowed in order to preserve the seperation of church and state.”? We know that our big movie producers want to protect our non-God given rights.

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