Nov 26 2008

Trying not to laugh at ignorance, but it’s hard

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The state of Delaware has a large deer population that has to be kept in check or it will overpopulate, threatening habitat for other species, and perhaps reaching Malthusian numbers itself. There weren’t enough deer being taken in the traditional deer season, so the state recently created an extension of the season specifically for handgun hunters. By definition, these people have to be skilled stalkers to get close enough to take a deer with a handgun, and very skilled shooters as well. But there are always nitwits in the woods, or the journalistic woods, at least:

The Freedom States Alliance is a national nonprofit organization that is dedicated to reducing gun-related deaths and injuries through public awareness campaigns. According to the FSA Web site, .50 caliber guns have effective ranges up to 2,000 yards, or 20 football fields laid end to end. Deer hunters typically shoot at ranges of 150-200 yards.

Well.  I suppose there is some chance that a .50 caliber handgun, shot at a 45 degree angle to the ground, might go 2000 yards before hitting the ground.  Of course, the only thing it would be likely to hit would be a low flying airplane.  No one shoots guns that way, of course, so this statement is sheer drivel.   I don’t know the ballistics in detail, but the muzzle velocity is around 1600 feet per second, which means that by about 300 yards out, the drop is at least several inches, maybe more than a foot.  Any attempted shot at actual game distance is going to result in the round hitting the ground in maybe 400 yards or so.  And few people are going to attempt a handgun deer shot at a much beyond 100 yards, meaning they’re holding relatively level to the ground.  The point?  This is sheer propagandistic stupidity, but journalists are too lazy or ignorant to check facts and present countervailing testimony, about like failing to point out that the moon isn’t really made of green cheese, even if someone claims it is.

“We don’t support this change,” said Scott Vogel, communications director of FSA. “A .50-caliber handgun can easily puncture a police officer’s vest.”

Are there police officers wearing bullet resistant vests and deer costumes lurking in the Delaware woods?

Bob Miller, co-owner of Miller’s Gun Center in New Castle, Del., said most hunters are continuing to hunt as usual and rarely with extremely large calibers.

That’s because these really huge guns are HEAVY, sometimes approaching the weight of deer rifles.  They’re very expensive and have a kick you can’t believe.  And the lighter ones kick worse.

“If they’re using a handgun, they’re usually using a .44 Magnum,” said Miller.

Vogel said the FSA thinks the use of handguns for hunting caters to a small group and that group can hunt with other weapons.

Howitzers, maybe?  I’m thinking maybe AC-130 gunships?  C’mon, smile a little.

“It’s the nature of any product. It will be bought, stolen, lost or resold. The question is why, what’s the need.” he said.

These things are so expensive that their owners protect them very carefully, normally locked up in safes. “Lost”? You’re kidding, right?

Vogel said the FSA worries that the greatest consequence of this issue is that the change has created a market for growth that could potentially support urban warfare.

Now I’m really laughing. It’s hard to think of a less practical “urban warfare” weapon. Have these cretins heard of shotguns and rifles?  Anyway, these clowns have been watching too many Mad Max movies.  What “urban warfare”?  If they think the USA is about to come apart at the seams, we have lots bigger problems than a few hand cannons being in circulation.

If I’m ever under assault by a thundering herd of urban guerrillas, I hope they’re shooting .50 caliber handguns instead of deer rifles.

They’ll probably miss.

Hmmm…  Thanksgiving is coming up.  Time to go hunting.  It’s traditional.

BTW, in case one of you unreconstructed felons is planning to come to my house to steal my .500 S&W, don’t bother, I don’t have one, can’t afford it.  But I have shot one, and I wish the reporter for this article had done the same.  Maybe he’d have a little more understanding of his topic.  My hand still hurts, and it was last year.


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