Nov 13 2008

Hang ’em, uh, high

Category: corruptionharmonicminer @ 1:20 am

It would seem that we have a problem with a certain criminal element being employed as air marshals.

Since 9/11, more than three dozen federal air marshals have been charged with crimes, and hundreds more have been accused of misconduct, an investigation by ProPublica, a non-profit journalism organization, has found. Cases range from drunken driving and domestic violence to aiding a human-trafficking ring and trying to smuggle explosives from Afghanistan.

Of course, if you took a like number of cops, say, 4,000, you’d find some bad apples there, too.

In fact, out of 4,000 school teachers, or plumbers, or professors, or (gasp!) lawyers, or especially politicians, you’d find a like number of cretins.

And, unfortunately, in all these other cases, we can’t just toss ’em off the airplane at 30,000 feet.


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