Nov 12 2008

Could we, like, concentrate on CRIMINALS?

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Orange County sheriff’s crackdown on gun permits comes under fire – Los Angeles Times

Hutchens said she was concerned that more than 1,100 people held concealed carry permits issued by the former sheriff — nearly three times the number of permits issued in Los Angeles County.

Let’s see: the population of Orange County is about 3 million according to the US Census people. So that means that roughly 1 person in 3,000 in Orange County has a concealed carry permit. 

It is, of course, risible to compare permit numbers to LA County, as if it was some kind of standard.  LACounty is one of the most repressive districts in the USA in the matter of firearms ownership and lawful carrying.  If your county only has three times the number of LACounty, it means you’re pretty repressive, too.

Run! Run! Save yourselves! People without criminal backgrounds might be carrying guns! Run!

Now, just for laughs: take a guess at how many criminals in Orange County are carrying guns around? Somehow, I think the number is quite a bit higher than 1100…


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