Oct 31 2008

Liars and the Lying Lies they Lie about

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The Hedgehog Blog: Proposition 8 and California’s Schoolchildren: A Primer on Falsehoods

Perhaps the most hotly-debated question about Proposition 8 is the measure’s impact on schoolchildren. If Proposition 8 fails, will young children be taught that same-sex marriage is equal to traditional marriage? Opponents of Prop 8 have adamantly — and falsely — claimed this will not happen.

The fact is, Prop 8’s leading opponents have been very public for a long time about their goal of teaching schoolchildren about gender orientation at very young ages. What is worse, they have openly promoted strategies for overcoming or circumventing parental objections to such teaching. It is foolish to believe they will not use the same approach to teaching children about same-sex marriage.

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