Oct 30 2008

In desperation, McCain turns to illegal alien endorsements

Category: humorsardonicwhiner @ 12:24 am

It would appear that the McCain campaign has stooped so low that it now extorts endorsements from illegal aliens in a kind of October surprise.

In a shocking reversal with major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, as the Alien has correctly predicted the winning president in every election for the past 28 years.

Ongoing investigation points to Cindy McCain as being the cause for this historic shift in allegiances.

Uncovered photos suggest that in a last ditch effort to help her husband’s failing campaign, Cindy McCain seduced and then blackmailed the Alien for his endorsement.

…………….  Swing state voters, who will decide this election, have the highest rate of alien abductions and UFO sightings and are known to vote in accordance with supernatural forces.

Read the entire sordid tale…. with pictures!


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