Oct 08 2008

It’s happening again

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In 1992, we all knew, those of us who were paying attention, that Bill Clinton was essentially, uh, a disposable Caucasian inhabitant of a towable vehicular dwelling, that his wife was an incredibly ambitious person who would stop at nothing to use her husband to climb into power, that Clinton was a smooth talking liar, and that the main stream media had protected Clinton from the public learning about him until it was too late. The first thing he did was go back on his promise of a middle class tax cut.  Remember?

I have this terrible, terrible feeling that in 16 years or so, Michelle Obama will be running for president of the United States, just following the presidency of Sarah Palin, who will have spent her 8 years trying to undo all the damage done by the first Obama presidency, just as Bush had to rebuild the military and intelligence systems gutted by Clinton, cut taxes to stimulate a moribund economy suffering from the the recession that began near the end of Clinton’s term, and did his best to appoint judges to reverse the creeping totalitarianism of the US judiciary.

The only real remaining question, purely academic, unless Vegas starts offering odds:

Which of Barry’s promises will he go back on first?  I don’t meant the ones that will be disastrous if he keeps them, like deliberately losing Iraq,  raising taxes on the investor class, nationalized health care, stopping secret voting for unionization of non-union shops, the “fairness doctrine”, etc.  I mean the ones that he makes “conditionally”, so that the conditions in which he’ll honor them will never be met, like aggressively expanding the number of nuclear power plants, drilling SIGNIFICANTLY for oil (as opposed to doing just enough to say he did it, and then saying it proves that drilling won’t solve anything), etc.

The millenial generation is about to get a real education, in the hardest way possible.  I hope they’re smart enough to learn from it, and not be taken in again.  They are going to pay, and pay, and pay, for their entire lives, for programs Obama will begin.

Last night’s debate has convinced me that McCain has about a 1% chance of winning.  He just didn’t say what needed to be said, and his time is growing short.

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