Oct 01 2008

The Rewards(?) Of Parenthood

Category: parenthoodamuzikman @ 10:00 pm

My oldest daughter graduated from college this spring.  She finished a B.A. in Psychology in 4 years – no small feat these days.  She then proceeded to find a full-time job, locate an apartment, and move out on her own.  She is happy, motivated, focused and determined.  She lives a life of Christian faith. She has a boyfriend who, near as I can tell, is a salt-of-the-earth young man who adores and respects her very much.  In short she has officially cut the apron strings and has embarked on a life of her own.

I already miss her more than words can describe.

Someone once told me that from the day a child is born, a parent’s task is to prepare them to leave the home.

…….Success is indeed bittersweet.


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