May 04 2010

Yawn. Just another radical Muslim wanna-be killer

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NYC bomb suspect seized aboard Dubai-bound plane

A Pakistani-born U.S. citizen was hauled off a plane about to fly to the Middle East and arrested in the failed attempt to explode a bomb-laden SUV in Times Square, authorities said Tuesday. One official said he claimed to have acted alone.

Faisal Shahzad was on board a Dubai-bound flight that was taxiing away from the gate at Kennedy Airport when the plane was stopped and FBI agents and New York Police Department detectives took him into custody late Monday, law enforcement officials said.

U.S. authorities “will not rest until we have brought everyone responsible to justice,” Attorney Eric Holder said early Tuesday, suggesting additional suspects are being sought.

In Pakistan, intelligence officials said at least one man has been detained in the southern city of Karachi in connection with the Times Square case: a man named Tauseef who was a friend of Shahzad. He did not say when the man was picked up.

So, despite the lefty media chortling when it looked like the perpetrator was a “middle aged white guy”, it turns out the would-be murderer wasn’t a “right wing tea bagger” after all.

Instead, he was that utterly unremarkable and common species, an Islamic radical willing to kill innocents for his beliefs.

The crazy left will have to wait for another day, when their much-to-be-hoped-for right wing radical birther teabagger nutjob will finally do something they can point to as evidence of Christian violent extremism. But, as below, they keep hoping.

May 04 2010

Six Contradictions of Pinball

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I’m afraid I’m having a bit too much fun with the whole “six contradictions” thing.  I promise to post on something else tomorrow.  But I couldn’t resist.

Herewith, Six Contradictions of Pinball

*  Pinball is much more fun than video games  —   yet video games seem to attract more people

*  Video games attract more people  —  yet video games can only do what someone programmed them to do

*  Video games can only do what someone programmed them to do  —  yet people think they’re having fun

*  People think they’re having fun  —  yet pinball is even more fun

*  Pinball is even more fun  —  yet it costs less and lasts longer

*  Pinball costs less and lasts longer  —  yet video games seem to attract more people

A friend of mine says it’s hard to play pinball with both hands wrapped around your throat.