Aug 23 2010

A true moderate Muslim who loves democratic government

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I have mentioned Dr. Jasser in other posts, leader of a movement of Muslims in favor of American democracy, and I’ve linked to his website in the blog roll on the lower right of this page.  If Islam is to free itself of an dangerous radicals who want to set the tone (sometimes all too successfully) for all of Islam, the reform must come from within, in the person of spokesmen like Dr. Jasser, who prizes liberty above Sharia.

Why the media keeps going to CAIR as a representative of “moderate Islam” instead of AIFD is beyond me…  or maybe it isn’t.  After all, most of the media are hostile to Israel, and so is CAIR.  Listen to Dr. Jasser, and hope there are many more who will follow him.

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  1. MrMusiclover says:

    Where is the MSM coverage of this man and his organization? Why is the left so afraid of this guy? I watched this video and others he is responsible for and I don’t understand what is going on. The Islamists are our enemy yet our own government is pushing to let them build a mosque at ground zero. This thing is beyond me. Anybody want to explain why our own government supports our enemy?

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